As part of your student teaching experience, you are required to have a CURRENT CPR/First Aid/AED certification when you enter the schools.

NOTE:  Due to COVID-19 most entities are NOT holdinig face-to-face CPR/1st Aid certification classes.  The Field Placement & Licensure office has taken this into consideration.  We have approved future student teachers to take blended online/onsite CPR/1st Aid classes for their initial certification for adult/child within the parameters below:  

  • Agency/company must adhere to American Heart Association and/or American Red Cross guidelines.
  • The online classes must use the same materials as an in-person class.
  • Student must take an in-person onsite skills test with a certified AHA instructor to receive the CPR/1st Aid certification. If the online agency/company does not include the onsite skills test then student must locate one that does.
  • Before registering, contact the Field Placement and Licensure office,, to verify the class is appropriate.


SEE COVID-19 NOTE ABOVE: CPR/First Aid/AED certification must be done through a hands-on in-person certification class--online certification for initial training is NOT accepted.

When looking to complete initial CPR/First Aid/AED training, please keep in mind:

  •  CPR/First Aid/AED Certification must meet the guidelines set forth by ILCOR/America Heart Association (AHA).  
  • Must be adult and child certification.
  • Organizations who meet ILCOR/AHA guidelines and provide acceptable CPR/First Aid/AED certification are:
    • American Heart Association (AHA)
    • American Red Cross (ARC)
    • National Safety Council (NSC)

Renewal/Recertification of CPR/First Aid/AED Certification

Online renewals are accepted if:

  • Certification is done 30-days before, but no later than 30-days after, the expiration date. We cannot accept a previous certification if the expiration date is outside of these parameters.
  • Student must provide a copy of their soon-to-be expired/expired certification.
  • Company/Business that offers renewal/recertification must meet ILCOR/AHA guidelines. 

For your convenience, we have provided the local options below of places, who meet ILCOR/AHA guidelines, that offer CPR/First Aid/AED certification classes.  Most local Montana hospitals or wellness/health clinics offer CPR/First Aid/AED certification classes.  

MSU Recreation Sports & Fitness Center . Go to Program Registration, Aquatics Health & Safety (heart icon), (406) 994-5000.

Big Horn Fire Company,  (406) 581-0412,

Jolt CPR, Cherry Eustace (406) 581-4738 or Julie Evans (406) 579-3703,