In-State Fees

Local or In-State Fee Explanation - Student Teaching Semester

Bozeman – Belgrade – Three Forks – Manhattan - Livingston ( ≤ 50mi. / 80km. radius from Bozeman):
Your fees remain the same, so your tuition bill will be the same as other semesters.

Outside the Bozeman area ( ≥ 50mi. / 80km radius from Bozeman), but you are a current resident of Montana:
Teacher candidates outside the 50 mile radius of Bozeman will have some fees* waived on their tuition bill which will equal or surpass the $125.00 charge on their tuition bill that goes toward paying a field supervisor.  Montana Field Supervisors are paid $250.00, $125.00 of which is paid by you when you pay your tuition and the remaining $125.00 is paid by the Dean’s Office.

*Please click here to learn more about the tuition and fees charged to MSU students.

Out-Of-State Fees

University, Field Supervisor and Cooperating Teacher Fees


If you plan on student teaching out-of-state you will most likely pay more than the $250.00 paid to a University & Field Supervisor in the state of Montana. The teacher candidate is responsible for payment of the amount over and above the $250.00 of which $125.00 is included on the tuition bill paid by the teacher candidate plus $125.00 paid by the Education Department. 

In some states, Cooperating Teachers are paid more than the $250.00 paid to Montana cooperating teachers.  Once again the teacher candidate is responsible for the amount over and above the $250.00 which is paid by the Education Department.

The Field Placement Office will bill the teacher candidate for the amount above $250.00 that the University & Field Supervisor charges for his or her services.  After receiving the bill, the teacher candidate will send a check or money order, made out to MSU-Bozeman, to:

Field Placement & Licensure
PO Box 172880, 247 Reid Hall
Montana State University-Bozeman
Bozeman, MT  59717-2880

A check will be mailed to the cooperating teacher as soon as the Field Placement Office receives a final grade for the teacher candidate.

The following fee waivers will be made:

  1. Health fee: This fee is not your insurance fee!
    You will still need to pay your insurance fee unless you had it waived because you have medical insurance through another source.
  2. Dental fee
  3. Activity fee
  4. Athletic fee
  5. Bus fee

*Please click here to learn more about the tuition and fees charged to MSU students