For those individuals who already hold a bachelor's degree who wish to obtain a teaching license or added endorsement recommendation through the Montana State University Field Placement and Licensure Office, the first step you will take with us is to complete a self-assessment using our Licensure Endorsement Assessment Tool (LEAT) form.  This will help assess classes you need to take, the courses you have fulfilled already, and the potential duration it will take to finish the program.

Follow the steps below to conduct a self-assessment:

  • Fill out the LEAT form using your transcript(s). Do a self-assessment by filling in the courses and grades from your transcript that you think could substitute for the courses we require. The LEAT needs to be typed. Please obtain this document from Jamie O'Callaghan via email.
  • If the substituted courses were taken outside of MSU, we will need you to obtain course descriptions from that school and complete the Course Description Table. We must have course description(s) from your previous college/university in order to determine equivalency. This document must be typed.  Without the course description(s), the Field Placement & Licensure Office cannot complete an assessment.   This step is only required if you are not MSU Alumni. MSU Course Descriptions can be found in the course catalog.
  • If you elect to have the MSU Field Placement & Licensure Office proceed with the initial assessment of the substitute courses and complete an evaluation based on information received, you will be charged a $250 fee for the transcript review.  This fee is only applicable to non-MSU graduates.  If you attended another institution but are now enrolling and take a minimum of six credits of coursework at MSU, the fee will be reimbursed.


After completing the self-assessment, please email the following items as electronically to:


  1. Completed LEAT Form - must contact Jamie O'Callaghan for current form - return electonically in Excel format
  2. Course Description Table if applicable
  3. Copy(ies) of transcript(s), if courses from all other institutions attended
  4. FPLO Information Form.


Mail a check or money order for $250 made payable to Montana State University for the transcript review to the Field Placement and Licensure office at:


Montana State University

Field Placement and Licensure Office

Attn: Jamie O’Callaghan

PO Box 172880

Bozeman, MT 59717-2880


Upon receipt of these items, our office will send your self-assessment to the appropriate evaluator who will review the substituted courses on the LEAT form and determine if they are appropriate substitutes.   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jamie O’Callaghan at

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