The Field Placement and Licensure Office uses the Licensure and Endorsement Assessment Tool to assist individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree (or higher) who wish to either:

  • Pursue an initial teaching license at MSU


  • Pursue an added endorsement through MSU

This assessment process is required of all interested candidates wishing to pursue a program leading to a recommendation for a teaching license or endorsement who already hold a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree.

Candidates that completed an Educator Preparation program and did not obtain a teaching license during the seven year period immediately following graduation/program completion will need to be reviewed via the LEAT process to ensure that the program completed meets the current standards required to be recommended for a teaching license. Policy can be referenced here:

Getting Started

This process begins by reaching out to the Post Baccalaureate Licensure specialist Jamie O’Callaghan. When reaching out, please include the following information:

  • What subject area(s)  are interested in teaching
  • Let us know if you are already a licensed teacher, or if you wish to pursue your initial teaching license here at MSU.
  • A little about your background and academic history
  • Tell us where you live and the type of program you’re seeking (added endorsement or initial licensure; online vs. campus-based)

From there, Jamie will send you the required current LEAT form and help to identify your best-suited pathway forward.

Completing the LEAT Process

Once you have obtained the proper LEAT forms (must have access to Excel), you will need to complete all required components to build your review file:

LEAT File Component Descriptions

Let’s get started on your self-assessment and building your file! Please note that you will complete all documents electronically, emailing them to Jamie O’Callaghan.

  • Post-Baccalaureate Information Form: This link takes you to our form, which is completed online" 
  • LEAT Form/GPA Calculator: Fill out the LEAT form (This is the GPA Calculator form in Excel) using your transcript(s). Do a self-assessment by filling in the courses and grades from your transcript that you think could substitute for the courses we require. Please be mindful of the fact that this document uses formulas in the credit and grade columns to help us calculate your content area GPA, and will be used throughout you program with us to keep you on track and headed toward licensure/endorsement.
    • Transcripts: Candidates must provide official transcripts from all institutions of higher education for review toward applicable substitution, and demonstration of degrees earned and coursework and academic history completed.
  • Course Description Table: If the substituted courses were taken outside of MSU, we will need you to obtain course descriptions from that school and complete the Course Description Table
      • We must have course description(s) from your previous college/university in order to determine equivalency. This document must be typed.  Without the course description(s), the Teacher Education Faculty cannot complete an assessment.  
      • This step is required for all courses taken outside of Montana State University - Bozeman. 
      • On this form, you will also use the MSU Course Descriptions to match your previous institutions' course descriptions to determine suitability for substitution. MSU Course Descriptions can be found in the course catalog. 
      • It is required that the MSU course descriptions be compared to your previous institutions’ description. In some cases, our faculty may request course syllabi in order to make a determination. Candidates are also welcome to provide a supplemental written explanation or justification for substitution. We certainly welcome any additional information that you can provide to help us in your review.


  • LEAT Fee: Payable online. If you elect to have the MSU Field Placement & Licensure Office proceed with the initial assessment of the substitute courses and complete an evaluation based on information received, you will be charged a $250 fee for the transcript review.  This fee is only applicable to non-MSU graduates.  If you attended another institution but are now enrolling and take a minimum of six credits of coursework at MSU, the fee will be reimbursed. 
  • Upon receipt of these items via email (do not send documents via Google Docs or Google Drive), our faculty and advising team will review your completed LEAT File, noting accepted substitutions and revisions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jamie O’Callaghan at  [email protected].


After completing the self-assessment, please email the following items as electronically to:   [email protected]. Do not send documents via Google Drive.