Roles and Responsibilities for Practicum Field Experience
Pre-service Teacher CooperatingTeacher (CT) Field Supervisor (FS)
Establish and maintain clear, professional communication in a timely manner with the CT and

Maintainclear professional communication in a timely manner with the pre-service teacher and FS.

Establish and maintain clear professional communication in a timely manner with the school administration, preservice teacher and CT. Concerns should be communicated with the Field Placement Office.

Be a willing and active learner, receptive to supportive mentoring and feedback from the CT and FS. Mentor the pre-service teacher through the willingness to

  1. co-teach
  2. share metacognitive teaching
  3. practices
  4. observe teaching practice by
  5. the pre-service teacher
  6. answer questions
  7. offer supportive feedback
Support the pre-service teacher through seminar discussions, observations and postobservation conferences by offering specific, supportive feedback.
Complete the minimum number of hours of active, in-class time spread evenly over the 10 week placement.

  • Elementary Practicum 1-80 hours
  • Elementary Practicum 2‐90 hours
  • Secondary‐45 (recommended at least 60)

Ideally the time is spent in the classroom on three-four consecutive days, but must occur on at least two (secondary) or three (elementary) days per week.

Encourage and facilitate varied teaching opportunities for the preservice teacher to engage in the school community and in the classroom including: 1:1 tutoring, small group instruction, and whole class instruction. Encourage the pre-service teacher to engage in varied learning opportunities in the field experience both in the classroom and the school.
Complete school based assignments associated with the seminar component of the practicum including, but not limited to:

  1. Active observation forms
  2. Educator interviews
  3. Planning, implementationand reporting of the findings for the Reflective Educator Project (REP)
  4. Two formal observations 
  5. Weekly reflective journal entries

Provide an opportunity for the preservice teacher to plan and implement lessons as part of the Reflective Educator Project (REP). These lessons should be a part of the standards designated appropriate by the school or district.

Encourage a growth mindset in teaching practice.

Offer appropriate guidance, mentoring support and feedback to the pre-service teacher in the construction of the TWS as well seminar-based assignments.

Complete a final performance assessment electronically.

Complete a final performance assessment electronically.