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The Clinical Mental Health Counseling option combines didactic and experiential course work to give students grounding in theories and principles of mental health counseling and extensive experience in supervised application of those theories and principles. The goals of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program are the following: to enhance students' personal and professional development as counselors; to increase their ability to understand the characteristics and concerns of various client populations and their environments; to develop their knowledge and skills in use of theory-based counseling models; and to train them in the use of scientific methods of inquiry and evaluation. The program is designed to achieve the following objectives:

This program is an approved Western Regional Graduate Program.  The WRGP allows master's, graduate certificate, and doctoral students who are residents of WICHE-member states to enroll in 900+ graduate programs at 60 public institutions outside their home state, and pay up to 150 percent of resident tuition.  To learn more, please see the WICHE/WRGP website.

About the Curriculum

Required courses in the curriculum are intended to be taken sequentially to optimize students' acquisition of knowledge, skills and personal development. Permission of the instructor is also a prerequisite for all courses involving personal development, acquisition of skills, and/or counseling practice. Because progress through the curriculum is dependent on students taking courses in sequence, it is important that students carefully plan their course of study with their advisor. Practicum courses are both limited and restricted in enrollment. It is necessary to take courses in fall, spring and summer semesters. Course work in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program is consistently rigorous. Student complete the program to allow more time for in-depth study and/or involvement in nonacademic commitments.






Anna Bartkowiak, PhD

Asst Professor, Counseling

   318 Herrick Hall
   (406) 994-6340
   [email protected]
Ed Dunbar

Ed Dunbar, PhD

NTT Instructor, Addictions Counseling

Katey Franklin

Katey Franklin, PhD

Asst Professor; Program Leader,  School Counseling

   210B Herrick
   (406) 994-3283
   [email protected]
Rebecca Koltz

Rebecca Koltz, PhD

Professor; Program Leader, Marriage, Couples, and Family Counseling

   140 Reid Hall
   (406) 994-3299
   [email protected]
Bryan Lamb

Bryan Lamb, PhD

Director, Human Development Clinic; NTT Instructor

   1501 S. 3rd
   (406) 994-5993
   [email protected]
Sarah Mendoza

Sarah Mendoza, PhD

Asst Professor; Program Leader, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

   205F Herrick Hall
   (406) 994-3222
   [email protected]