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Doctor of Philosophy in Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

Biomechanics and Motor Control Exercise Nutrition, Metabolism, and Physiology

The Department of Food Systems, Nutrition, and Kinesiology offers a PhD in Exercise and Nutrition Sciences with options in 1) exercise nutrition, metabolism, and physiology and 2) biomechanics and motor control. This program emphasizes the integration of kinesiology and nutrition science for applied research aimed at human movement and health. This PhD will build on the existing MS in Exercise and Nutrition Sciences or related degree from another institution. These applied science options build on the foundational sciences of biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, anatomy, physiology, physics, and mathematics. Coursework for both options will focus on core content for exercise and nutrition sciences, research design and statistical analyses, and advanced coursework specific to each option. Additionally, each student will develop an academic portfolio that includes research (presentations, peer-reviewed publications, grant writing) and teaching (development of course materials, instruction, student mentoring). 

Master of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

Exercise Physiology and Nutrition | Sport and Coaching Science


The Department of Food Systems, Nutrition, and Kinesiology offers a Master of Science degree with an option in exercise and nutrition sciences with two programs of study: 1) exercise physiology and nutrition, and 2) sport and coaching sciences.  The exercise physiology and nutrition program allows students to focus on understanding the determinants of physical activity and energy expenditure, adaptations to exercise that impact human work performance and disease risk, and exercise metabolism and nutrition.  A graduate student may earn a verification statement by completing required classes in the MSU dietetics program. The verification statement is needed in order to apply to an accredited dietetic internship.

The sport and coaching sciences program is designed to meet the need in advanced coaching and sport science abilities at the local, state, national and international levels.  Course work includes knowledge pertinent to coaches of all sports at developmental, competitive, and high performance levels as well as sport administrators in both public and private sectors. 

Depending on the student's goals, undergraduate degree, and course work, additional courses may be added or deleted to supplement the curriculum.

February 15 application deadline; students start fall semester only.




Jim Becker

Jim Becker, PhD

Assoc Professor

   338 Culbertson
   (406) 994-6854
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Mary Miles

Mary Miles, PhD


   20 Herrick Hall
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   [email protected]
John Seifert

John Seifert, PhD


   205D Herrick Hall
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Craig Stewart

Craig Stewart, EdD


   113 Reid Hall
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Dawn Tarabochia

Dawn Tarabochia, PhD, CHES

Assoc Professor; Department Head

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