Students respond during final Project of Consequence Presentations during the 2022 Summer Success Academy.

MSU is committed to shaping and supporting the educational experience of recent Montana high school graduates who want to play an active and deliberate role in advancing their futures. The MSU Hilleman Scholars Program is by invitation only. Hilleman Scholars should be eager to build something better for themselves and their communities through service to others.

Planting the seeds for change 5, 10, 20, 30 years from now. In addition to earning their degree, the MSU Hilleman Scholars receive leadership, character, financial, career, mindset, and communication coaching. While our goal is to recruit, retain, and graduate more students representative of Montana to benefit Montana. Our vision is to advance leaders who share a common bond and a commitment to service to help solve the wicked problems of their time. MSU Hilleman Scholars receive the privilege of networks, mentors, and investors who are working with them to help advance a better future for not just themselves, but for Montana, our nation, and world. We are convinced our scholars will return the favor. We fully expect, not unlike Dr. Hilleman, dividends will be paid on the investment received.

Hilleman Scholar Program invitations are based upon:

  • Montana residency.
  • Graduation from a Montana high school in the previous Academic Year.
  • Pell eligibility.

Hilleman Scholars Program selection is based upon:

  • Your academic, leadership, and career potential, as demonstrated in your essay and letter of reference.
  • Commitment to actively participate in the Summer Success Academy (tentative dates are July 17, 2023- August 18).
  • Commitment to graduate from MSU in four years.
  • Commitment to fully comply with all Hilleman Scholars Program requirements (including adhering to the MSU Academic Success & Career Plan during all four years of enrollment).
  • Geographic representation in Montana.

The program includes:

  • A Summer Success Academy, a month-long intensive math, writing, and critical thinking experience before you begin your first year. You will stay in the residence halls (with free room and board) and work with top faculty, mentors, and tutors to get a head start on college-level coursework while you get to know MSU, Bozeman, and your classmates. In exchange for your time and commitment, you’ll receive a $2,000 stipend ($1,000 in cash, and $1,000 applied to your fall semester tuition). You'll also receive college credit for your work (at no cost to you).
    • In order to become a Hilleman Scholar, you must attend, actively participate in, and complete the Summer Success Academy. Failure to satisfactorily complete the Summer Success Academy will result in the four-year scholarship offer being rescinded.
  • A four-year, $4,000 per year scholarship/stipend, disbursed monthly—total value: $16,000 (in addition to the Pell Grant).
    • Hilleman Scholars are required to graduate from MSU in four years. Therefore, the annual $4,000 scholarship award is contingent upon satisfactory academic progress (as determined by GPA and credits earned).
    • In order to earn the monthly scholarship/stipend payment, Hilleman Scholars are also required to participate in mentoring, learning development, internship, and community development activities for 10-15 hours per week during each of the four years of the scholarship.
  • $3,000 toward a Hilleman Scholar group study abroad experience at the end of your junior year (contingent upon satisfactory academic progress and exemplary program commitment during your first three years of college).
  • In support of the MSU Hilleman Scholars Program, MSU works with other foundations and scholarship programs. If you are a recipient of a scholarship from one of our partner organizations, you may not be able to stack your scholarship. If you have questions, please contact us at 406-994-7627. 
  • To serve as many students as possible fitting our eligibility criteria, Hilleman Scholars Program scholarships cannot be "stacked" or combined with other scholarship monies such as those provided by the Horatio Alger Scholars program.