Hilleman Graduates

(L-R) President Waded Cruzado, Cole Norskog, Spencer Jessop, Rial Johnson, and Kirsten Hilleman celebrate the first ever MSU Hilleman Scholar graduates in Fall 2019.


Please consider becoming an investor in the future. $5,000 will support one student for one year, but any amount can make a difference. If you are inspired by Dr. Hilleman's personal story and legacy, we hope you’ll make an investment to discover and support more emerging Dr. Hillemans from all corners of Montana. We know there are future world-class scientists, teachers, artists, engineers, counselors, nurses, writers, doctors, farmers, ranchers, and entrepreneurs in our towns, cities, and countryside who want to fully realize their potential, just like Dr. Hilleman. As the state’s land grant institution, we believe the future of our Treasure State rests in our sons and daughters and their ability to advance Montana, the nation, and the world as we will come to know it.


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