Applications for the Honors College may be submitted at any time and elements can be submitted as available; they do not all need to be submitted at one time. Applications will not be reviewed until all materials have been received.

To apply you will need the following

  1. The application form below.
  2. Transcript. A COPY of a high school or college transcript, with current ACT/SAT scores if applicable. We do not have access to transcripts sent to the main admissions office; an unofficial copy must be supplied directly to our office.
  3. ACT/SAT Scores (optional for current/transfer students.) Not required for transfer/current students, but accepted if you have access. If ACT/SAT tests scores are not shown on your transcript, you may print it out from
    your College Board login. Due to challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, test scores will be optional for Fall 2022 Honors College applications.
  4. Academic Statement. A brief statement about your academic career plans centering upon what field of
    study you anticipate pursuing along with your future career and other professional
  5. EssayA typed essay on one of the following prompts, illustrative of your composition skills
    - not to exceed 500 words
    1. Imaginatively address: “They said it couldn’t be done”.
    2. In your opinion, what is the greatest challenge your generation will face? How will you help address this issue?

    3. Select a creative work, i.e. a novel, film, poem, musical piece, painting or other work of art which has influenced the way you view the world and yourself. Discuss the work and its impact on you.

  6. Reference Letter. A signed letter of reference to the Honors College from a former or current teacher.
    Letters of reference may be mailed to the Honors College in a sealed envelope with recommender's signature along the back seal or emailed directly from the recommender in PDF format to [email protected].
  7. For American Indian/Alaskan Native students, a copy of Tribal Identification documents, if applicable.

How to send in your documents

You may upload these documents to us here or mail them to us. If you are mailing your application elements, please ensure that your name is clearly visible on every page.

Transcripts and/or Letters of Reference may be mailed separately to the Honors College, however it is
preferred that materials are forwarded under one cover. Your application will not be considered complete until
all documents have been received by the Honors College.

Please make sure your documents are clearly labeled with your first and last name.

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E-mail: [email protected]

Online Application for the Honors College

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