Call for Texts and Critics Faculty Fellows 2022-2023

The Honors College is now accepting applications from those with demonstrated and effective teaching experience who are interested in serving as Faculty Fellows in our "Texts and Critics" seminar.  If you would like to teach highly motivated students in a dynamic interdisciplinary arena, you are invited to apply for either the fall semester of 2022 (HONR 201US) or spring semester of 2023 (HONR 202IH).  In the fall our theme is “Knowledge”; in the spring it is “Imagination.”  If you are interested in applying, you must go through the Human Resources webpage for instructions at  Click on the Faculty tab and type in Honors as the Keywords. 


Call for 2022-23 Honors College Seminar Faculty Proposals 

Is there a course you have always wanted to create but never had the opportunity to do so? If so, the Honors College invites you to submit a proposal for an Honors seminar for the 2022-2023 academic year.  Honors seminars are limited to 18-20 students, require an interdisciplinary perspective, and must be highly topical. Our experience has demonstrated that departments directly benefit when faculty teach an Honors seminar. Students frequently migrate to that same department as a result of engaging a professor in such a unique setting.  Click here for instructions on how to submit an honors seminar proposal.


Call for "Great Expeditions" Faculty Proposals

The Honors College invites faculty proposals for our Great Expeditions” (HONR 204D) for 2023-2024.  The three-credit class convenes once a week throughout the semester, examining the history, social and cultural milieu of an international destination that students and faculty will visit during a two-week excursion at the conclusion of the semester. Previous expeditions have included France, Greece, Italy, Turkey, England, Ireland, South Africa, Russia, France, and Germany. Click here for instructions on how to submit a great expeditions proposal.