The Honors Presents lecture series is a student-developed event series in conjunction with Texts and Critics, the university seminar for incoming Honors students. Current Texts and Critics students must RSVP for events through CatsConnect to receive credit for their attendance. Prospective students, faculty, and community members are welcome to join WebEx events or view recordings of past events by using the links below or downloading the Google document linked at the bottom of this page.

Recordings of past events can be found on the Honors Presents YouTube page.

Take a moment to meet the Honors Presents team, the brilliant students behind this incredible schedule of events. Looking for quick links to CatsConnect or the Honors Presents social media? Check out the Honors Campsite link directory.

Fall 2021 Schedule

Follow this link for the most up-to-date Honors Presents schedule.

Date Presenter Lecture Title Time/Location Link
9/1 Dr. Wan-Yuan Kuo Indigenizing Food Science for Food Sovereignty 12-1 PM, Byker Auditorium  
9/1 Nancy Mahoney When We Became Human 4:30-6 PM, Byker Auditorium  
9/15 Janell Zauha and Jodi Allison-Bunnell Thinking Inside the Box: Archives as Portals 7-8 PM, NAH 137  
9/22 David Quammen Darwin in the Age of COVID 6-7 PM, Webex Webex link
9/28   College Mental Health - Treatment and Prevention at MSU 4-5:30 PM, Procrastinator Theater  
10/1 Dr. Anthony Demetriades Supersonic Flight and Shock Waves 3:30-5 PM, Byker Auditorium  
10/12 Carrie Krause   7:30 PM, Location TBD  
10/15 Bruce Campbell and panel After College, What's Next? 4-5:15 PM, Inspiration Hall  
10/20 Dr. Logan Schultz Directed Interdisciplinary Studies Degree 5:00 PM, Location TBD  
10/21 Former Governer Marc Racicot   TBD  
10/27 Bernice Donohue, Black Student Union President Academic Elitism: The Impact of the University System on Black Students 6-7 PM, Byker Auditorium  
11/4 Dr. Devon Orme Earth Sciences 5-6 PM, Byker Auditorium  
11/8 Marcy Gaston Cooking Healthy on a Budget 4-5:30, Herrick Hall Kitchen  
11/17 Don Demetriades   5 PM, Location TBD