Honors Presents is a student-run organization that curates a series of events and talks every semester for honors students. While our events are primarily directed towards Texts and Critics students,  all MSU students and community members are welcome at our events. We regularly partner with organizations and clubs on and off campus, and we appreciate diverse opinions, beliefs, perspectives, and experiences. This series exists to add depth to a traditional curriculum by exposing students to areas outside of their major, or by allowing students to hyperfocus on an area within their coursework. Often the series enables students to discover new interests, aspirations, awareness, and passions, helping to guide their paths here at Montana State University and beyond.

Students enrolled in Texts and Critics courses are required to attend 3 Honors Presents events per semester for class credit. See the Texts and Critics syllabus for more information. 

How do you receive Honors Presents credit for Texts and Critics?

  1. Get scanned in: At most of our in person events, an Honors Presents team member will be present to scan your MSU event pass (this can be found in the Corq app).
  2. Credit forms: Honors Presents often partners with organizations outside of the Honors College, and we are not always able to scan in people for credit. In that case, we will offer credit through CatsConnect forms. These forms will stop accepting submissions 2 weeks after the event. Honors Presents CatsConnect
  3. YouTube credit: Honors Presents records some of the lectures and events during the semester. We offer asynchronous credit watching these recordings and filling out a credit form via CatsConnect, which are linked in the video descriptions on YouTube. These forms will stop accepting submissions 2 weeks after the video is posted to YouTube. Honors Presents YouTube Channel

If you have any questions about events, attendance, or Honors Presents, email us at [email protected]. Please follow us on Instagram @msu_honorscollege. 

Take a moment to meet the brilliant team of students behind the Honors Presents schedule.

Follow this link for the Spring 2024 Honors Presents schedule.