About the Logo


The logo for the 2019 Western Regional Honors Conference was designed by Elizabeth Mans in collaboration with Bray Polkinghorne. At the heart of the logo is the Bridger Mountain Range, an unforgettable part of the Bozeman skyline and embodiment of the city’s environmental and adventuring mindset. Located within the Bridgers is an ‘M’ paying homage to the ‘M’ located on Mount Baldy. The ‘M’ was built by students in 1916 and was created with the intention of showing loyalty to Montana State and being a reminder of what a united class can accomplish. Lastly, the logo sports the beloved blue and gold, showcasing the pride and enthusiasm the students of Montana State have for their school.

Why "Mountains and Minds"?

Our theme for WRHC 2019 is ‘Mountains and Minds’, our school motto. These words are lifted from a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins and encapsulate the balance of Montana State’s academic rigor and appreciation for all things outdoors. ‘Mountains and Minds’ will resonate throughout the conference from our guided tour of Yellowstone National Park to our featured high energy, low time talks.

Inspiration pulled from MSU Brand Guide and Gerard Manley Hopkins’s Poem 'No worst, there is none. Pitched past pitch of grief.'

Conference Planning Committee

The 2019 Western Regional Honors Council Conference is being planned by a group of Montana State University honors students through a two-semester honors seminar course. 

Conference Planning Committee