Room and Board refunds will be processed according to the following schedule. 

If you have any questions, please contact University Student Housing at [email protected] or at (406) 994-2661.

Please Note: Any student who cancels their housing contract before the end of the contract period (end of the spring academic semester) will be assessed a $300 cancellation fee for terminating their academic year long housing contract.
Fall 2021
Refund Dates % of Room & Board Refunded
On or before the 7th day
August 27, 2021
On or before the 14th day
September 3, 2021
On or before the 21st day
September 10, 2021
On or before the 28th day
September 17, 2021
On or before the 35th day
September 24, 2021
On or before the 42nd day
October 1, 2021
On or after the 43rd day
October 2, 2021

All dates are calculated from the 1st day the residence halls open