University Student Housing operates under the philosophy that residence halls are much different than "dorms." "Dorms" are buildings in which people eat and sleep and little else takes place. In the residence halls you will meet lifelong friends, and be in the center of campus life. We want the primary focus of the college experience to be on academic success, but you'll need more than just classes and studying to make the next four or so years of your life a time to remember.

Select any of the buildings for detailed information about that residence hall.

East Campus

  • Langford Hall
  • Johnstone Center
  • Hapner Hall
  • Quads
  • Hannon Hall


West Campus

  • Residence Life Apartments
  • Yellowstone Hall
  • Headwaters Complex
  • Roskie Hall
  • North Hedges
  • South Hedges
  • Hyalite Hall