The Quads are unique suite style residence halls and offer our most popular living environment. Each building houses a maximum of 25 students and has a very home-like atmosphere that fosters close friendships and tight-knit communities. The Quads are serviced by the Hannon Hall front desk, where students can pick up mail, and receive RHA services.

Special Living Options:


  • Most rooms are setup as 2 double rooms that share a suite-style common room
  • Suite style carpeted rooms
  • Sinks in individual rooms
  • Direct internet access
  • Free Cable TV in the common areas of the Quads
  • Each Quad building has a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, laundry facilities, and a spacious study area.

Student Mailing Address:

Student Name
100 Quad (A,B,C,D, E or F), Room ___
Bozeman, MT 59715

Quads Front Desk:


Room Options:

  • Double (with roommate)
  • Single (limited availability)

2020-2021 Room and Board Rates (per semester)

Double Room Single Room
With Bobcat Anytime Gold - $5,213 With Bobcat Anytime Gold - $5,465
With Bobcat Anytime Silver - $5,063 With Bobcat Anytime Silver - $5,315
With Bobcat Anytime Copper - $5,054 With Bobcat Anytime Copper - $5,298
With Bobcat Anytime Bronze - $4,904 With Bobcat Anytime Bronze - $5,148

*All Room and Board Rates are available on the Room & Board Rate Page.In addition to these charges, a Residence Hall Association (RHA) program fee of $15 is assessed each semester.

**Any student who selects and is placed on a Living Learning Community (LLC) floor will have an additional fee of $50/semester to pay for programming and educational opportunities on the floor.

**On-Campus Student Meal Plan options are available on theMeal Plan page.

Community Director

Emily MacLean
Community Director
Office Phone: 406-994-2821

Originally from Castle Rock, Colorado, Emily graduated from Montana State with a B.S. in Accounting along with a minor in Photography. Throughout her four years working studying and working at MSU, Emily has spent time as a Resident Advisor and Assistant Community Director. Emily has lived in all the residence halls communities except for Hyalite Hall, she has almost collected them all. This year, Emily is excited and enthusiastic to be working in Hannon and Quads this year.

When not at work, Emily enjoys taking photos, hiking, paddle boarding, skiing, hanging with friends, listening to podcasts and going to the dog park.

Hall Staff

Name Major Hometown


exterior image of the quadsadditional exterior image of a quadfurnished quad interior roomfurnished quad room with mini fridge and microwavefurnished quad room with mini fridge and microwavedresser and books quad resident placing a poster on the wallQuad shared kitchentwo beds in quad roomQuad sink, dresser, and vanityquad resident studying in their roomquad resident studying in sunlit roomquad resident reading flashcardsquad resident on bed reading a bookfour quad residents socializingtwo residents reading their respective booksfour residents socializing in the quadsfour residents leaving the quads and going to classtwo residents playing cardsthree quad residents playing board game

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