Before requesting an appointment, please review the relevant information below for your appointment type and complete any necessary forms. If you make an appointment without completing a form or bringing the appropriate documents, you will need to reschedule.

If you have questions, contact us by phone at 1 (406) 994-4031, e-mail us at [email protected], or schedule an appointment with an international advisor. 

Forms and Guides for F-1 Students

F-1 Change of Status Guide

If your original reason for coming to the United States changes, you may be required to change your non-immigrant status to a different one before you lawfully begin to engage in activities you want to pursue.

F-2 Change of Status Guide

A nonimmigrant is is eligible to change to F-2 status in the following circumstances:

  • Spouse is an F-1 student or
  • Spouse has changed to F-1 status from another nonimmigrant classification
Concurrent Enrollment

An F-1 student may be enrolled in two different SEVIS-approved schools at one time as long as the combined enrollment amounts to a full time course of study.

Local Address, Telephone, and E-Mail
Students in F-1 status must report an address change within 10 calendar days of the change by notifying their school. This includes change in telephone, or e-mail address as well.
Leave of Absence or Withdrawal Guide

The purpose of this form is to notify International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) of an intent to take a leave of absence or withdraw from Montana State University.



Program Extension Guide

An F-1 student who is currently maintaining status and making normal progress toward completing their education objective, but is unable to complete course of study before their I20 expires, may be eligible for a program extension if the student applies before the program end date on their I-20 and meets requirements.

Reduced Course Load Guide

An international student in F-1 status is considered to be pursuing a full course of study even though enrolled for less than the "full-time" credit load under specified circumstances certified by a school official, designated by the USCIS and International Student and Scholar Advisor.


Transfer In
Students currently in F-1 status studying in the U.S. who plan to transfer to Montana State University must complete the transfer procedure through SEVIS. This form must be completed and returned to an advisor in International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS).
Transfer Out

Students will use this form to request a transfer of their SEVIS record to another U.S. institution. Students must maintain an active and valid status until the time of transfer.

Reinstatement Guide

A guide to reinstatement for a student who has failed to maintain status who may be reinstated to lawful F-1 status at the discretion of the USCIS under limited conditions.