F-1 Overview

International students studying outside the Procrastinator Theater.

Multiple forms and guides regarding policies and procedures for F-1 Students at MSU.

J-1 Overview

Two researchers with a robot.
A multitude of forms and guides regarding policies and procedures for J-1 Students at MSU.


An international student at the bi-annual career fair.
Information regarding employment, both on and off campus, as well as CPT, OPT and other programs.


Tuition and Banking

An arial view of "the Mall" at MSU.
Tuition and banking information for international students at MSU.

Health Care and Insurance

Two mountain bikers biking through the grass in Bozeman.

Information about the health care system in the US and policies and regulations regarding health insurance for students.


Driver's License

Cars driving down Main Street in Bozeman.
Information about how to apply for a driver's license while a student at MSU.


Student Record Protection

Students with a research balloon outside MSU.
Information about laws regarding student record protection under FERPA at MSU.


Four international students walking in front of Jabs Hall.

Contact information for emergencies for international students, scholars and faculty at MSU.