The MSU Leadership Institute is HIRING for the Fall of 2021! 

The MSU Leadership Institute is a student-led, student-driven organization with the mission of inspiring MSU students to become leaders who serve as catalysts for positive change. 

We are looking to hire for our Student Associate and Intern positions, beginning Fall of 2021. Student-hourly and work-study applicants are welcome!

Student Associates and Interns commit to 12 hours of work per week, which is scheduled after classes are determined. The LI prioritizes school before work, and we live by the motto "students first, Student Associates second." 

What will you get from working at our office?; 

  • Skills in project management
  • Practice in public relations and community outreach
  • Experience with graphic design and social media marketing
  • Skills to plan and facilitate leadership seminars and trainings
  • The ins-and-outs of hosting 1,500-4,000 person lectures with world famous speakers
  • How to foster the leadership development of MSU students (yourself included)
  • The opportunity to work with a rad team of really cool people.

Our Mission: To inspire MSU students to become leaders who serve as catalysts for positive change.

Our Values:

  1. Students first, Associates second
  2. Everyone is a Changemaker: we practice active inclusion
  3. We are servant leaders
  4. Feels like a family, works like a team
  5. Deliver excellence, and have fun doing it

The application includes the submission of a resume, cover letter, and 2-3 references (PDF, submitted in the google form). Applications can be found here: 

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until all open positions are filled. 

Please feel free to reach out to Senior Associate Maddi Tandberg, at [email protected], with any questions or concerns you may have.