The Leadership MSU program focuses on knowledge about the university, its mission and vision. The program is designed to help each participant network effectively with campus leaders, better understand how colleges and departments across the university work together and develop leadership skills that will contribute to the strength of the university and our ability to carry out our mission.

If you have questions about this form or process please contact Jennifer Joyce at or 994-1625.

Please note: Participants are selected by the Leadership MSU Selection Committee on the merits of the information provided on the application. The Committee seeks representation from a cross-section of the MSU-Bozeman campus community. Information on this application is used to add diversity and balance to the class. It is not made available outside of Leadership MSU for any other purpose.

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Personal Information
Department Head/Supervisor Information

Note: approval from your department head is required for you to be considered.

Our Commitment
Leadership MSU is committed to selecting a class which is diverse in ideas and representative of academic, cultural, gender and ethnic diversity. Your response to the following will assist the Selection Committee in determining class mix. Submission of this information is voluntary and leaving it out will not affect the review process.
Program Commitment
Leadership MSU requires nine sessions (one Wednesday afternoon and one Thursday morning each month) from September through May. A limited number of applicants will be selected each year. A participant is expected to attend all sessions. If selected, can you devote the required time to the program?
Leadership MSU sessions do include walking tours that can be long or outdoors. Please indicate if you are able to participate in such tours. (If not, we will work to provide reasonable accommodations.)
MSU Perspective

One of the goals of Leadership MSU is to build a sustainable network of campus leaders who can enhance their problem-solving and other leadership abilities through shared perspectives and working together.

Describe, in your opinion, the most notable opportunity and most significant challenge facing MSU today.

We are interested in your personal reflection of leadership. There is no right or wrong answer to the following question.
Please tell us about a leader who shaped/defined your career and why it mattered to you.
What do you expect to gain from participating in the program?
What contributions (gifts/talents) do you feel you could bring to the class?
Applicant's Commitment
If selected, I am fully prepared to be an active participant by attending all sessions, being fully involved, and devoting the time and resources required to complete the Leadership MSU program. I am willing to commit my support, volunteer time, energy and skills in future years.

Note: When you submit this application, an email will be sent to your department head requesting approval of your application. Their response is required to complete the application process.