Please note that Liberal Studies has hired a new advisor, who begins in late March, but it will take some time before the new advisor is up to speed and able to take on Liberal Studies-specific advising.   While our new advisor is being trainined through the spring 2024 semester, we appreciate your patience in taking a look at the chart below to determine who best to contact for advising assistance. 

Major/ Minor Advising Assistance Additional Information
Liberal Studies NOT graduating in 2024 University Studies Academic Advising Center, (406) 994-3532; [email protected]; 130 Gaines Hall Drop-in advising available 9-5, Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri, & Wednesdays 9:30 - 5pm
Liberal Studies graduating in 2024 Bridget Kevane or Liz Donald, [email protected];[email protected]   
Liberal Studies Distance Education / Online-only Bridget Kevane: [email protected]   
Minors: Global Health, Global Studies, Sustainability & Environmental Stewardship CLS Advising Center

Contact one of the following advisors:

Liz Donald: [email protected]

Tracy Ackert: [email protected]

Jeffrey Nelson:

[email protected]
All certifying officer needs Bridget Kevane: [email protected]   


 Appointments with specific advisors can be scheduled here

Add/Drop Process  

After receiving a registration PIN from their advisors, students can generally manage their enrollment through MyInfo and CatCourse Scheduler (for more information, please visit the Registration Information website). Sometimes students need instructor approval to add a class. Instructors can authorize an override of a pre-requisite, course cap or time conflict. They may also authorize a student to add their course between the 6th and 10th day of a typical semester. To drop a class from the 11th through the 59th day of the typical semester, students need to consult an advisor. Details on these processes can be found below.  

Getting Started in Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies degree values a broad and interdisciplinary approach to higher education. It also offers flexibility in course curriculum. Advising and course planning, therefore, are critical to student success. Liberal Studies advisors help students decide on a program of study and develop a preliminary curriculum plan. If you are interested in finding out more about the Liberal Studies degree at MSU, please visit navMSU at  to schedule an appointment.

Office of Financial Education (Scholarships)

February 1st is the priority deadline

Completing the Major

Liberal Studies students meet periodically with their advisor to make sure they are on track to complete their plan of study. Advisors assist students with course selection, proposed course substitutions, scheduling variances and conflicts, and study abroad and internship opportunities.

Appointment Scheduler

Liberal Studies Advisor


Liberal Studies Academic Advisor

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