• Arts
  • Diversity & culture
  • Environmental studies
  • Global & multicultural
  • Global health
  • Foreign language
  • Humanities
  • International & social issues
  • Mathematics
  • Natural science
  • Public policy
  • Quaternity
  • Social science
  • Sustainability
  • Africana Studies


21st Century Education

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program at Montana State University is flexible, rigorous and multidisciplinary. Students challenge and expand their thinking, learn how to connect their growing knowledge to the outside world, and gain the skills necessary to succeed – in college, the workplace and life.

Three Program Options

The Liberal Studies degree values a broad, integrated and interdisciplinary approach to higher education. Interdisciplinary studies foster connections among disciplines and draw upon multiple areas of knowledge. Students choose one of three program options: Environmental Studies, Global and Multicultural Studies, or Quaternity (on campus or online degree completion).

Global Health Minor

The Global Health Minor focuses on an interdisciplinary understanding of health issues and health care in a global context.  We have partnered with faculty and professional advisors across campus, in addition to offering a vast array of course options spanning multiple disciplines, to give students the ability to somewhat custom-tailor their minor based on their future goals and career interests.  Click here to learn more about the Global Health minor requirements.

Sustainability Studies & Environmental Stewardship Minor

The Sustainability Studies & Environmental Stewardship (SSES) Minor is designed to encourage undergraduate students from any discipline to explore the three pillars of sustainability (economic, environmental and social), going beyond course work in their major.  An interdisciplinary undergraduate SSES minor will enhance the value of undergraduate degrees by identifying students who have taken initiative to learn and experience the integration of economic, social and environmental sustainability within their disciplines. The minor is supported by the Institute on Ecosystems (IoE), College of Agriculture, College of Engineering, College of Education, Health and Human Development, College of Letters and Science, College of Arts & Architecture, the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship and the Office of Sustainability.  Click here to read more about the Sustainability Studies minor requirements.

Africana Studies Certificate 

The Africana Studies Certificate consists of 15 credits in which students explore African and African American history, life, and culture from an interdisciplinary perspective. The Africana Studies certificate aims to complement existing majors at MSU-Bozeman. Students will develop the knowledge and intellectual skills to understand and appreciate the experiences of African and African Diasporic populations, to move beyond their own experiences to appreciate how they are connected to the larger global village. The certificate will provide students with a nuanced understanding of the historical, political and cultural contributions of the African and African American communities to the world.  Click here to read more about the Africana Studies Certificate requirements.

The Program 

  • Cultivates intellectual and ethical judgment 
  • Prepares students for lives of civic engagement, social responsibility and leadership
  • Integrates learning from different sources 
  • Develops skills to succeed in an increasingly global and diverse society 
  • Helps students deal effectively with complexity and ambiguity

Key Student Outcomes*

  • Analytical writing
  • Creative development
  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Intellectual judgement

*See program assessment page for outcome measures

  • Problem analysis and understanding
  • Reading and reflection
  • Team work and collaboration
  • Undergraduate research