About the minor  

The Global Health minor will allow you to develop an interdisciplinary understanding of health issues and health care in a global context.  Through studying a broad range of courses, this minor will provide a solid foundation in social, cultural, epidemiological, environmental and nutritional determinants of health, and will explore the challenges that require global health solutions.  You will investigate the health implications of globalization, as well as have the option for an engagement experience, both of which contribute to better understanding the determinants of health issues around the world. 


Required Courses

LS 104 Intro to Global Health 3
BIOH 303 Global Diseases & Health Disparities 3
SPNS 101 Elementary Spanish I (or equivalent languages) 3
SPNS 250 Spanish for Healthcare Professionals 3

Nine (9) of your electives from any category must be upper division credits


Choose 6 credits from Biomedical Electives

BIOM 250 Microbiology for Health Sciences: Infectious Diseases 3
BIOB 100IN Organism Function
BIOB 160 Principles of Living Systems
BIOB 410 Immunology
BIOB 499

Senior Thesis/Capstone

BIOE 370 General Ecology
BIOH 185 Integrated Physiology I
BIOH 201 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOH 422 Genes and Cancer
BIOH 445 Intro Pharmacology
BIOM 210RN Principles Env. Health Sci
BIOM 400 Medical Microbiology
BIOM 415 Microbial Diversity, Ecology, and Evolution
BIOM 435 Virology
BIOM 441 Eukaryotic Pathogens
CHTH 440 Principles Of Epidemiology
ECHM 201 Elem. Princ. Chem/ Biol Eng.
EENV 340 Prin. Environmental Eng.
EGEN 310R Multidisc. Engineering Design
EIND 142 Intro to Systems Engineering

Water Resources

ENSC 407 Environmental Risk Assess
ENSC 444 Watershed Hydrology
ENSC 468 Ecosys. Biogeochem/ Glob. Ch
KIN 221 Hlth Anatomy & Physiology
NUTR 221CS Basic Human Nutrition
NUTR 321 Basic Human Nutrition
BIOM 210RN Environmental Health Science
BIOM 460 Infectious Diseases Ecology and Spillover

Choose 6 Credits from Social/Economic Policy Electives

AGBE 315 Ag in a Global Context 3
AGSC 465R Health, Agriculture, Poverty
ANTY 101D Anthropology and the Human Experience
ANTY 225IS Culture, Language, and Society
ANTY 327 Medical Anthropology
CHTH 210 Foundations in Community Health
ECNS 317 Economic Development
GPHY 402 Water & Society
HTH 455 The Ethic of Care
NRSG 418 Hlth Policy/Hlth Care Econ Cln
NUTR 351 Nutrition & Society
PSCI 423 Politics of Development
PSCI 436 Politics of Food & Hunger
PSYX 383 Health Psychology
SOCI 370 Sociology of Globalization
SOCI 380 Sociology of Health & Medicine
SFBS 146 Introduction to Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems
SFBS 451R Sustainable Food Systems

Choose 3 Credits from Cultural Electives

BIOB 492 Independent Study 1-3
ML 492 Independent Study
CHTH 414 Health and Culture: A Global Perspective
CHTH 428 Health Disparities
GPHY 121D Human Geography
HSTR 160D Modern World History
ICS 491 Special Topics
NASX 105D Introduction to Native American Studies
NASX 415 Native Food Systems
PHL 255D Philosophy and Culture
PSCI 230D Introduction to International Relations
RLST 100D Intro to the Study of Religion
RLST 110D Religion, Conflict & Politics
SOCI 374 Sociology of Culture
SPNS 350 US Latino Cultures


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CLS Advising Center (until new LS advisor is up to speed)

Advisor/ Exceptions Coordinator

Liberal Studies Program/ CLS Advising Center

Wilson 1-106

Gray, Loren

Advisor/ Exceptions Coordinator

Microbiology & Cell Biology

Lewis 109

Kevane, Bridget

Certifying Officer

Liberal Studies Program (Director)

Gaines 118

Committee (shown above)

Committee members serve as advisors in their respective departments for students interested in pursuing the Global Health Minor. The committee also provides curricular oversight, recommends changes to the curriculum, and is responsible for conducting periodic program review as required.