Course Description

Analysis of human response to stress in relation to a variety of biopsychosocial factors; techniques for managing stress are also investigated.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. The student shall develop a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between stress and health, and identify the biophysical factors impacting the human response.
  2. The student shall, through reading text, select journal articles, discussions, and other assignments, gain comprehension and analytical skills associated with the human stress response.
  3. The student will have the opportunity to apply select stress management techniques so they may develop positive strategies when encountering maladaptive stress and strain.

Meeting Place and Times



Katie DesLauriers


Junior Standing or Consent of Instructor

Tuition and Fees

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Required Books/Materials

Controlling Stress and Tension
Girdano, Duck, and Everly
Benjamin Cummings, 9th Edition
ISBN: 9780321788498

Students can purchase this book through the MSU Bookstore or other online vendors.

Computer Requirements

For More Information

For more information about this course, please contact contact Kaie DesLauriers-Heiser.