Students choose from the following online courses based on what is recommended by the Liberal Studies Academic Advisor.

Spring 2022: January 19 - May 13, 2022

NOTE: This schedule is for planning purposes, and is subject to change. CRN's will be updated as they are available.

**CRN's are for sections restricted to Liberal Studies Online Students

Spring 2022 Liberal Studies Online Course Offerings
Rubric # CORE CRN Course Title Instructor Credit Liberal Studies Requirement
ERTH 101  IN 32877 Earth Science Systems Robyn Gotz  4  Natural Science
ENSC 272  CS 35334 Introduction to Water Resources John Townsend-Mehler  3  Natural Science
GH 327   34633 Translating Global Cinema Liana McKelvy  3  Humanities
GRMN 101   33461 Elementary German I Liana McKelvy   3  Language 
HSTA 322   33991 Modern America, WWII to Present Janet Ore  3 Humanities 
LS 101  US 32879 Interdisciplinary Ways of Knowing: Curiosity Killed the Cat Jennifer Hill  3  
LS 301   33011 Parks, People, & Places: Stories of Our Public Lands James Pritchard   3  Humanities
LS 301   34768 Heroes, Gender, & Identity John Townsend-Mehler 1 Humanities
LS 350   33010 Literature Review Star Bradley  3  Wild Card
LS 391   34580 Triple Bottom Line Sustainability

Heather Higinbotham Davies

LS 451   32869 Films, Photos, Culture Heather Hardester   3  Fine Arts/Humanities
LS 490  R contact Jaclyn Research Capstone Jennifer Hill 4  Research
MUSI 307  IA 32420 World Music David Charles   3  Fine Arts
NUTR 221  CS 32418 Human Nutrition Janet Gamble  3 Natural Science 
NUTR 351   33032 Nutrition and Society Janet Gamble   3 Natural Science 
PSCI 490   35241 Multicultural Politics in the U.S. Jessi Bennion  3   Social Science
RLST 223  IH 35308 Sacrifice, Rite, Ritual Holly Grether   3   Humanities
RLST 321   33013 Religion and Gender Holly Grether  3  Humanities
SOCI 357   35320 Occupational and Corporate Crime David Eitle  3  Social Science
SPNS 102  D TBA Elementary Spanish II Veronica Garcia Moreno  3 Language 

Fall 2021: August 25 - December 16, 2021

*CRN's are for Liberal Studies Online Students only

Rubric # CORE CRN  Course Instructor Credit Liberal
Studies Requirement
AMST 202 RA 22636 The Arts in America David Charles 3 Fine Arts
BIOO 262   25540 Introduction to Entomology Kevin O'Neill 3 Natural Science
CHTH 435   22632 Human Response to Stress Katie Heiser 3 Natural Science
ERTH 101 IN 22976 Earth System Sciences Robyn Gotz 4 Natural Science
GRMN 102 D 23819 Elementary German II Liana McKelvy 3



GH 353   24765 The U.S.-Mexico Border: History, Politics, and Culture LaTrelle Sherffius 3


HSTR 346   23545 Modern India Holly Grether 3


HSTA 334   25625 American Myth, Memory, and Monuments Sarah Coletta-Flynn 3


LS 301   25456 Environmental Law Laurel Angell 1

Humanities /

Social Science



  25461 Science & Cinema John Townsend-Mehler 1

Fine Arts / Humantites / Natural Science

LS 305   25538 Ways of Seeing Sarah Coletta-Flynn 3

Humanities or

Fine Arts

LS 402   24292 From the Closet to the Courts: Contraception in America Jennifer Hill 3

Wild Card - Nat Sci, Soc Sci, Fine Arts, or Hum

LS 452   23056 This is Your Brain on Art and Music Heather Hardester 3

Wild card - Nat Sci, Soc Sci, Fine Arts, or Hum

LS 490   contact Jaclyn to register Senior Project Jennifer Hill 4 Senior Project
M 105 Q 25536 Contemporary Mathematics Rachel Wyland 3 Natural Science
NRSM 421   25544 Holistic Thought and Management Lora Soderquist 4 Natural Science
NUTR 221 CS 22634 Human Nutrition Janet Gamble 3 Natural Science
NUTR 321   23054 Nutrition in the Life Cycle

Melody Anacker

3 Natural Science
PHL 103  D 24755 Philosophy and Popular Culture

Jeffrey Stephenson

3 Humanities
PSCI 302   25459 Media and Politics

Jessi Bennion


Social Science

RLST 207 IH 23543 Myth and Belief Holly Grether 3 Humanities
SOCI 420   24507 Violence in America David Eitle 3 Social Science
SPNS 101   22633 Elementary Spanish I Veronica Garcia Moreno 3



Summer 2021

First Session: May 10 - June 18

Second Session: June 21 - July 30

Summer 2021 Liberal Studies Online Course Offerings
Session Rubric # CORE CRN Course Title Instructor Credit

Liberal Studies Requirement

First Session                
  LS 402   11436 Contraception in America Jennifer Hill 3  
Second Session                
  CHTH 414   11356 Health and Culture: A Global Perspective Michelle Grocke 3  







Course Prerequisites

Many of the courses have prerequisites that must be satisfied.  Prerequisites will be detailed in the course descriptions.

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