Keith Fuge

Keith Fuge 

Graduating Spring 2020

Middletown, Ohio

Montana Resident for 10 years with his wife Kelsey and two children:  Kale (6 years old) and Kamryn (5 months old).


Who I am:

I am a non-traditional student, which means that I’m returning to school after an extended break, married/with dependents, a veteran, and financially independent and self-sustaining.

I enjoy backpacking, fishing, canoeing, personal aquariums, cooking, and just about any activities I can do with my 6-year-old son, Kale. I also enjoy spending time with my wife and 5-month-old daughter (Kamryn). 


Interests in Industrial Engineering:

I am interested in process evaluation and optimization, as well as the orchestration of large-scale projects. I also enjoy discovering efficient solutions. And, although optimization is often accomplished through automation, I am particularly interested in interacting with the human element of I.E. to achieve optimal solutions to challenges or problems. I want to improve human’s lives through advancements in processes, documentation, communication, and equipment.


Favorite IE class so far and why:

That’s a tough one. I’ve enjoyed EIND 458 and have found value in it, but I also discovered useful information from EIND 442 in establishing the core principles of I&MSE. I also took a BMKT 405 Supply Chain Analytics that was taught by a business professor with a PhD in IE, Dr. Thorsen. It was an awesome blend of inventory management, ethics in management, and supply chain evaluation, providing me with an excellent business perspective of I.E.



Favorite “Real World” Application of IE thus far (e.g. research position, internship, etc.):

My favorite application of IE thus far is a surrogate training plate project I worked on during my internship with MilTech. I produced a cost benefit analysis of surrogate training plates for the U.S. Army, and then created an inventory system that would prevent a soldier from being deployed with training plates, instead of ballistic certified plates. This was presented to the Deputy Program Executive Office Soldier and then presented to personnel at the Pentagon. I also presented it at the 8x8 presentation at the Museum of the Rockies on January 30th


If you had one million dollars what would you do with it:

If I had a million dollars, I would beef up my retirement, purchase land outside of Bozeman city limits, build my dream house, and invest in my wife’s business plan which would aid her dreams in becoming a business owner. I would also like to serve on the Gallatin Valley Search and Rescue Team and having a little more financial freedom would allow me to do that so that I could further serve my community as a volunteer.