This site spotlights the MIE Department Research Projects seeking Undergraduate Student Reseaarchers.  It will be updated frequently to add new projects seeking undeergraduate students.  If interested, please contact the Faculty Contact for each project listed below.

Project Title:   Prject Description:   Faculty Name:   Faculty Contact Information:  
Engineering Education Research -Student Performance Prediction The project involves analyzing data from an adaptive learning platform to predict student performance in a course using different predictive modeling approaches.  Interested students must have strong programming (Python or R) and predictive modeling skills, and an interest in engineering education research. Dr, Ali Yalcin [email protected]
Energy of Things – What is running up my energy bill?! The project involves analyzing data from an energy meter monitoring energy usage in private homes.  The overarching goal is to identify which devices are using energy at any given time.  Interested students must have strong programming (python or R) and data analytics skills, and an interest in loT, distributed sensor systems, and solving unstructured and open-ended research problems. Dr, Ali Yalcin [email protected]
Stretch Broken Carbon Fiber for Primary Aircraft Structures (SBCF-PAS) The SCBF-PAS Program is a $25.6 million dollar program sponsored by the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation & Missile Center.  This research and development is to understand and overcome challenges to manufacture primary aircraft structure using SBCF.  The results will be used to design the next generation of more-efficient structure, saving weight and enabling improved maneuverability, and fuel efficiency.

Doug Cairns

Roberta Amendola

Cecily Ryan

Dilpreet Bajwa

Please contact the SBCF-PAS Program Manager, Cambrie Monfort

[email protected]
Body-Worn Sensors for Prosthesis Control Help us understand how to translate information from body-worn sensors into control for robotic prostheses. We will be analyzing data from IMU, EMG, and other sensor types with Machine Learning to improve translation of user intent to device control. Corey Pew

[email protected]



Real-Time Feedback for Runners We’re using real-time measurements of biomechanics to help runners improve their form. We will be collecting data from participants in our study and need help with data collection and analysis. Corey Pew [email protected]
Understanding fluid mechanics in a biofilm reactor

Dr. Yaofa Li's lab (in collaboration with Dr. Morris and Dr. Johnson) has a research opportunity to study the fluid dynamics in a biofilm reactor. Biofilm reactors are standard CDC devices that our biologists use extensively to grow biofilms/bacteria under various but well controlled conditions. In spite of their versatility and popularity, the fluid dynamics aspects of the reactors are not well understood. The goal of this project is to perform innovative flow and shear stress characterization employing novel laser-based diagnostics to further our understanding of the fundamental physics, and potentially provide guidance for better reactor designs. In this project, you will be able to apply your knowledge in design, manufacturing, motors, controls and measurement.  You will have the opportunity to learn state of the art flow diagnostics and flow modeling techniques, such as particle image velocimetry and computational fluid dynamics. Expected work time is 5 - 10 hours/week and stipend of $12-$15/hour will be commensurate with experience. Preference will be given to seniors and students from minority groups. 

Yaofa Li [email protected]