Cole Knusden

Cole Knudsen 

Graduating Fall 2021

Erie, Colorado


What are your hobbies?

My hobbies include downhill skiing, waterfowl hunting in Colorado, hiking, camping and off-roading in the mountains.

What do you hope to do with IMSE after you graduate?

Following graduation, I hope to work in process improvement at a large-scale manufacturing facility, possibly in the transportation/ automotive industry.

Why did you initially choose IMSE?

I began college as a mechanical engineer after deciding I wanted to study engineering at a young age. After a semester of school, I was greatly intrigued by the concepts, courses, and overall structure of industrial engineering. I decided to switch majors my second semester of college.

What has been your favorite IMSE class so far? Why?

My favorite class so far has been EIND 371: Computer Integrated manufacturing. In high school, I took machining courses. I was excited to begin learning more about specific manufacturing practices from a different angle in 371. Although it was a difficult class, I found it rewarding to apply my knowledge and skills to specific manufacturing practices in the lab.

What has been your favorite application, story, or joke about IE?

My favorite joke about IE (everyone has probably already heard this) is that IE actually stands for imaginary engineering. Other engineering students like to joke about why their major is the best and have often tagged me with jokes about my major not being a “real” form of engineering.

What advice would you give to freshman coming into the IMSE department?

My biggest advice for an incoming IMSE student (and most new college students) is to be very intentional with organization and study habits from the start of college. I would also encourage new IE students to see how IE concepts can be applied in an astounding number of settings and investigate how they can apply IE concepts in their day to day life.

If you had one million dollars what would you do with it?

I would invest the majority of the money and put aside enough to pay for tuition and living costs through the end of college. I would also take a small portion out to spend on skiing and off roading gear.