If you would like to request Expedited Advising, copy and paste the template below into an email message, replace the text in [square brackets] and email to your academic advisor.


Dear Dr. [your advisor],

I recognize that I am encouraged to meet with you to discuss curriculum and career planning as part of the standard registration process. However, I am confident about my own graduation plan and compliance with the IMSE degree requirements. I have also created a plan in DegreeWorks called [plan name] with the courses I intend to take next semester. Therefore, I request Expedited Advising for next semester and ask you to send my registration PIN by email.

I attest that none of the following conditions apply to me:

  1. New freshmen or transfer student in their first semester
  2. Graduating senior without an approved graduation plan
  3. A junior or senior without an approved cognate
  4. Returning from academic suspension



[your name]

[your student ID#]