The Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department (M&IE) Programs each have a writing course requirement as part of the curriculum.  M&IE students must complete a college level writing intensive course totaling 3 or more credits, regardless if exempt from the Core WRIT 101W requirement.


Preapproved Courses to Meet This Requirement Are:


College Writing I

WRIT 201 College Writing II
WRIT 221 Intermediate Technical Writing
HONR 202IH Text & Critics (Only if not being used for IH Core)
HONR 400-409 Honors Seminar (Only if not being used for IS or IH core or for EGEN 310R requirement)


Even if students are exempt by the University from taking WRIT 101W, one of the preapproved writing courses is required for each M&IE major.  Students can petition to take a free elective course to meet the writing credits if the course contains a significant writing component.  The student will provide a statement explaining their reason to count the petitioned course towards the writing credit requirement and a syllabus of the proposed course to the M&IE departmental academic advisor for approval.