Organizational Chart

Member Term Start & End Dates

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Executive Board

Beverly Garrison portrait

Beverly Garrison


The Chair also serves on the following:

Association of Shared Governance Leaders (ASGL)

President's Executive Council (PEC)

University Council

Assistant to Department Heads, EHHD
250 Reid Hall
Phone:  (406) 994-6501
[email protected]

Twila Miner portrait

Twila Miner

Chair Elect 

The Chair Elect also serves on the following:

Montana University System Staff Association  (MUSSA) 

Graduate Program Manager, College of Nursing
122 Sherrick Hall
Phone:  (406) 994-3500
[email protected]

portrait of Julie Clay

Julie Clay

Past Chair

The Past Chair serves as an advisor to the council

Program Manager, UIT
CFT #5, room 213
Phone:  (406) 994-7808
[email protected]

Lisa Yarnell portrait

Lisa Yarnell


The Member-at-Large also serves on the following:

Pure Gold Review Committee

License/Certification/Permit Technician, Education
247 Reid Hall
Phone:  (406) 994-4761
[email protected]

Melissa Turney portrait

Melissa Turney

Governance Committee Chair

Administrative Associate III, Aerospace AFROTC
318 Hamilton Hall
Phone:  (406) 994-2790
[email protected]

Nicky Lowry portrait

Nicky Lowry

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Chair

The DEI Chair also serves on the following:

Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council

HR Business Partner, Human Resources
920 Nopper Building, Suite A
Phone:  (406) 994-2622
[email protected]

Susie Beardsley portrait

Susie Beardsley

Professional Development Committee Chair

Financial Aid Specialist, Financial Aid
Montana Hall, room 036
Phone:  (406) 994-2845
[email protected]

Molly Lammers portrait

Molly Lammers

Special Events & Recognition Committee Chair

Assistant Director, Office of Student Engagement
Strand Union Building, room 221
Phone:  (406) 994-3113
[email protected]

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Internal Committees

Abbey Holm portrait

Abbey Holm

Diversity, Equity & InclusionCommittee Member

Assistant Director Recreation, Rec Sports & Fitness
118C Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center
Phone:  (406) 994-6278
[email protected]

Alisha Downs portrait

Alisha Downs

Diversity, Equity & InclusionCommittee Member

Space Planner, Campus Planning, Design & Construction
Plew Building
Phone:  (406) 994-4105
[email protected]

Aurora Dreyer portrait

Aurora Dreyer

Governance Committee Member

Real Estate Specialist, Facilities Services
Plew Building
Phone:  (406) 994-5335
[email protected]

Katherine Foster portrait

Katherine Foster

Governance Committee Member

Academic Advisor, Gallatin College
111 Hamilton Hall
Phone:  (406) 994-9121
[email protected]

portrait of Shawn Hudson

Shawn Hudson

Professional Development Committee Member

HR Generalist, Human Resources
920 Nopper Building, Suite A
Phone:  (406) 994-4467
[email protected] 

Holly Hillis portrait

Holly Hillis

Professional Development Committee Member

Program Coordinator, Admissions
103 Strand Union Building
Phone:  (406) 994-2827
[email protected]

portrait of Danica Weitz

Danica Weitz

Special Events & Recognition Committee Member 

Graduate Admissions Coordinator, Graduate School
Montana Hall, room 104
Phone:  (406) 994-5729
[email protected]
Mariah Stopplecamp portrait

Mariah Stopplecamp

Special Events & Recognition Committee Member

Student Success Coordinator, Agricultural Economics & Economics
Linfield Hall, room 310C
Phone:  (406) 994-3702 

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General Members

Genevieve Burmeister portrait

Genevieve Burmeister

General Member

Catering Sales Director, Residence Life/University Food Service
Strand Union Building
Phone:  (406) 994-7188
genevieve. [email protected] 

Kayla Lee portrait

Kayla Lee

General Member

HR Associate, Human Resources
920 Nopper Building
Phone:  (406) 994-4358
[email protected]


3rd General Member (only on years when there is no Past Chair)

MSUASC All Staff Council Logo

External Committees 

Victoria Stallings

Victoria Stallings

ADA Advisory Committee 

HR Associate, Human Resources
920 Nopper Building, Suite A
Phone:  (406) 994-2214
[email protected] 

John Ooley portrait

John Ooley

Budget Council

Electrician, Facilities Services
Facilities Engineers Quonset
Phone:  (406) 994-2107
[email protected] 

Polly Kogel portrait

Polly Kogel

 Campus Sustainability Advisory Committee (CSAC)

Accounts Payable Manager, University Business Services
920 Nopper Building 147B
Phone:  (406) 994-5531
[email protected] 

portrait of McKenna Christensen

McKenna Christensen

Classroom Committee 

Executive Administrative Manager, KUSM-TV / MontanaPBS
Visual Communication Building, room 183
Phone:  (406) 994-6132
[email protected]

placeholder - male

Jonathan Dove

Outreach & Engagement Council 

Technical Coordinator, SUB
SUB, room 248
Phone:  (406) 994-6708                    [email protected]

Patrick Baciu portrait

Patrick Baciu

Parking Appeals

Computer Support Specialist, UIT
CFT #5, room 23
Phone:  (406) 994-3636
[email protected] 
portrait of Stephanie Breen

Stephanie Breen

Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)

Service Desk Supervisor, Library
Renne Library, room 117A
Phone:  (406) 994-3139
[email protected] 
portrait of Julie Brown

Julie Brown

Personnel Advisory Board

MUSSA Representative

Contract Specialist, Campus Planning, Design, & Construction
Plew Building
Phone:  (406) 994-7089
[email protected] 

Kristin Blackler portrait

Kristin Blackler

Planning Council 

Sustainability Director, ASMSU
Strand Union Building, room 284
Phone:  (406) 994-6822
[email protected] 

Rose Dormanen portrait cropped

Rose Dormanen

Gender Equity Alliance

Assistant to the Deans, Engineering Dean's Office
237 Norm Asbjornson Hall
Phone:  (406) 994-2272
[email protected]

Portrait of Cori Huttinga

Cori Huttinga

Public Arts & Artifacts Committee (PAAC)

Fiscal Manager & Program Specialist, Montana INBRE
2155 Analysis Drive, room 151
Phone:  (406) 994-7531
[email protected] 

Tara Sadera portrait

Tara Sadera

Recreational Sports & Fitness Advisory

Pre-Award Specialist and Fiscal Manager, Office of Sponsored Programs
Montana Hall, room 324
Phone:  (406) 994-6041
[email protected] 

Elizabeth Olson portrait

Elizabeth Olson

Research Council

Business Operations Analyst, UIT
920 Nopper Building
Phone:  (406) 994-5505
[email protected] 


portrait of Kim Hilmer

Kimberly Hilmer

Space Management Committee 

Business Operations Manager, Chemistry/Biochemistry
Chemistry & Biochemistry Building, room 103
Phone:  (406) 994-5376
[email protected] 
Evan Greenwood portrait

Evan Greenwood

University Facilities Planning Board (UFPB)

Financial Analyst, Fiscal Shared Services 
920 Nopper Building
Phone:  (406) 994-6685
[email protected] 


Program Coordinator

Business Operations Manager, Administration & Finance Office
Montana Hall, room 211
Phone:  (406) 994-4361
[email protected]