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Member Term Start & End Dates

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Executive Board

portrait of Julie Clay

Julie Clay


The Chair also serves on the following:

Association of Shared Governance Leaders (ASGL)

President's Executive Council (PEC)

University Council

Program Manager, UIT
CFT #5, room 213
Phone:  (406) 994-7808
[email protected]

Beverly Garrison portrait

Beverly Garrison

Chair Elect 

The Chair Elect also serves on the following:

Montana University System Staff Association  (MUSSA) 

Asst. to Dept. Heads, EHHD
Reid Hall, room 250
Phone:  (406) 994-6501
[email protected]



The Member-at-Large also serves on the following:

Pure Gold Review Committee

Senior HR Generalist, UHR
920 Nopper Building, Suite A
Phone:  (406) 994-3696
[email protected]

Portrait of Kim Anderson

Kimberly Anderson

Governance Committee Chair

Branch Manager, Fiscal Shared Services
Wilson Hall, room 1-155
Phone:  (406) 994-3660
[email protected]

Nicole Divine portrait

Nicole Divine

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Chair

The DEI Chair also serves on the following:

Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council

Business Operations Manager, School of Art
Haynes Hall, room 213
Phone:  (406) 994-4502
[email protected]

Susie Beardsley portrait

Susie Beardsley

Professional Development Committee Chair

Financial Aid Specialist, Financial Aid
Montana Hall, room 036
Phone:  (406) 994-2845
[email protected]

Molly Lammers portrait

Molly Lammers

Special Events & Recognition Committee Chair

Assistant Director, Office of Student Engagement
Strand Union Building, room 221
Phone:  (406) 994-3113
[email protected]

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Internal Committees

Skip Anderson portrait

Skip Anderson

Diversity, Equity & InclusionCommittee Member

Communications Specialist, Center for Biofilm Engineering
Barnard Hall, room 366
Phone:  (406) 994-7761
[email protected]

Kurt Friedemann portrait

Kurt Friedemann

Diversity, Equity & InclusionCommittee Member

Business Operations Manager, Office of International Programs
Strand Union Building, room 108
Phone:  (406) 994-7691
[email protected]


portrait of Kristin Brill

Kristin Brill

Governance Committee Member

Senior HR Associate, UHR
920 Nopper, Suite A
Phone:  (406) 994-1264
[email protected]

portrait of Madison Graff

Madison Graff

Governance Committee Member

Campus Planner, Campus Planning, Design & Construction
Plew Building 
Phone:  (406) 994-3641
[email protected]

portrait of Shawn Hudson

Shawn Hudson

Professional Development Committee Member

HR Generalist, Human Resources
920 Nopper Building, Suite A
Phone:  (406) 994-4467
[email protected] 

Melissa Turney portrait

Melissa Turney

Professional Development Committee Member

Admin Associate III, Aerospace AFROTC
Hamilton Hall, room 318
Phone:  (406) 994-2790
[email protected]

portrait of Danica Weitz

Danica Weitz

Special Events & Recognition Committee Member 

Graduate Admissions Coordinator, Graduate School
Montana Hall, room 104
Phone:  (406) 994-5729
[email protected]
Mariah Stopplecamp portrait

Mariah Stopplecamp

Special Events & Recognition Committee Member

Student Success Coordinator, Agricultural Economics & Economics
Linfield Hall, room 310C
Phone:  (406) 994-3702 

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General Members

portrait of Kyla McNamara

Kyla McNamara

General Member

Research Associate, NARC
COA MT Agricultural Experiments Station
Phone:  (406) 265-6115
[email protected]
John Ooley portrait

John Ooley

General Member

Electrician, Facilities Services
Facilities Engineers Quonset
Phone:  (406) 994-2107
[email protected] 
portrait of Tia Brown

Tia Brown

General Member

Director of Operations, Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship
Jake Jabs Hall, room 302E
Phone:  (406) 994-4333
[email protected]

MSUASC All Staff Council Logo

External Committees 

portrait of Susan Andrus

Susan Andrus

ADA Advisory Committee 

Administrative & Academic Program Coordinator, Writing Center
Wilson Hall, room 1-114
Phone:  (406) 994-5315
[email protected]

Katy Owens portrait

Katy Owens

Budget Council

Service Team Lead, Fiscal Shared Services
920 Nopper Building, room 157
Phone:  (406) 994-2712
[email protected]

portrait of Jared Leonard

Jared Leonard

 Campus Sustainability Advisory Committee (CSAC)

 Maintenance Supervisor II, Sports Facilities
Brick Breeden Fieldhouse
Phone:  (406) 994-3762
[email protected]

portrait of McKenna Christensen

McKenna Christensen

Classroom Committee 

Executive Administrative Manager, KUSM-TV / MontanaPBS
Visual Communication Building, room 183
Phone:  (406) 994-6132
[email protected]

placeholder - male

Jonathan Dove

Outreach & Engagement Council 

Technical Coordinator, SUB
SUB, room 248
Phone:  (406) 994-6708                    [email protected]

Patrick Baciu portrait

Patrick Baciu

Parking Appeals

Computer Support Specialist, UIT
CFT #5, room 23
Phone:  (406) 994-3636
[email protected] 
portrait of Stephanie Breen

Stephanie Breen

Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)

Service Desk Supervisor, Library
Renne Library, room 117A
Phone:  (406) 994-3139
[email protected] 
portrait of Julie Brown

Julie Brown

Personnel Advisory Board

MUSSA Representative

Contract Specialist, Campus Planning, Design, & Construction
Plew Building
Phone:  (406) 994-7089
[email protected] 

Kristin Blackler portrait

Kristin Blackler

Planning Council 

Sustainability Director, ASMSU
Strand Union Building, room 284
Phone:  (406) 994-6822
[email protected] 

portrait of Monique Hill

Monique Hill

President's Commission on the Status of University Women (PCSUW)

Fiscal Manager, Office of Sponsored Programs
Montana Hall, room 324
Phone:  (406) 994-6513
[email protected] 
Portrait of Cori Huttinga

Cori Huttinga

Public Arts & Artifacts Committee (PAAC)

Fiscal Manager & Program Specialist, Montana INBRE
2155 Analysis Drive, room 151
Phone:  (406) 994-7531
[email protected] 

Tara Sadera portrait

Tara Sadera

Recreational Sports & Fitness Advisory

Pre-Award Specialist and Fiscal Manager, Office of Sponsored Programs
Montana Hall, room 324
Phone:  (406) 994-6041
[email protected] 

portrait of Nicholas Childs

Nicholas Childs

Research Council

Radiation Safety Officer, Office of Research Compliance
Barnard Hall, room 247
Phone:  (406) 994-7317
[email protected] 



portrait of Kim Hilmer

Kimberly Hilmer

Space Management Committee 

Business Operations Manager, Chemistry/Biochemistry
Chemistry & Biochemistry Building, room 103
Phone:  (406) 994-5376
[email protected] 
Portrait of Shaw Long

Shawn Long

University Facilities Planning Board (UFPB)

Carpenter, Facilities Services
Facilities Engineers Quonset
Phone:  (406) 994-5467
[email protected] 
Leslie Schroeder portrait

Leslie Schroeder

Program Coordinator

Business Operations Manager, Administration & Finance Office
Montana Hall, room 211
Phone:  (406) 994-4361
[email protected]