AY 17-18 Membership, updated January 2018

Ariel Donohue Co-Chair Director, Diversity & Inclusion Student Commons
Sarah Shannon Co-Chair Dean, College of Nursing
Abigail Richards Member Assoc. Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering
Adam Edelman Member Assoc. CIO, University Information Technology
Anne Cantrell Member Asst. News Director, University Communications
Camie Bechtold Member Senior Assoc. AD, Athletics
David Claudio Member Asst. Professor, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
DeNarius McGhee Member Quarterbacks Coach, Athletics
Franke Wilmer Member Dept. Head/Professor, Political Science
Jessi Smith Member Professor, Psychology
Jyl Shaffer Member Director, Office of Institutional Equity
Kiersten Iwai Member Graduate Student, Public Administration
Makiko Diehl Member Program Manager, Office of International Programs
Mary Miles Member Professor, Health & Human Development
Rebecca Belou Member Research Analyst, Office of Planning & Analysis
Richard White Member Project Coordinator, Center for American Indian & Rural Health Equity
Tamela Eitle Member Interim Assoc. Provost, Office of the Provost
Terry Bradley Member ASMSU Student Director of Diversity & Inclusion
Walter Fleming Member Department Head and Professor, Native American Studies


The Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council has been charged with:

  • addressing the Diversity and Inclusion Framework Report developed by the MSU community in AY 2016-2017
  • identifying priorities within the framework
  • making connections across the university towards achieving goals and 
  • making recommendations to the Provost regarding diversity and inclusion issues

Meetings: Monthly


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Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council
Ariel Donohue, Director, Diversity and Inclusion Student Commons
Sarah Shannon, Dean, College of Nursing