The College of Nursing partners with a variety of people, organization, and other institutions of higher education to help MSU meet strategic goals.

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Center for Interdisciplinary Health Workforce Studies

Investigating the Impacts on the Nursing Workforce

The Center's partners conduct research on the healthcare workforce focused on addressing issues of health workforce supply, workforce education and training requirements, changes in the demographic composition of the health workforce, workforce demand, economic and employment trends and forecasts, and alternative models of care. Dr. Peter Buerhaus is the lead investigator.

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Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training (BHWET) Program - East and - West

Increasing the Supply of Behavioral Health Professionals

BHWET East is lead by MSU and is in partnership with the Montana ORH and AHEC and the University of Montana.  BHWET East is lead by Dr. Stacy Stellflug.

BHWET West is lead by University of Montana and is in partnership with the Western Western MT AHEC and MSU

Both programs are supported by a grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  The contents are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the official view of, nor an endorsement, byHRSA, HHS, or the U.S. Government. 

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Caring for Montana Veterans

Nurses Providing Health Care for Veterans

Dr. Angela Jukkala is ensuring nurses prepared to care for veterans in both rural and urban areas. She has partnered with the Great Falls Vet Center, Joining Community Forces and the Military One Source to work towards this goal.

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One Community in Health

Health Screening for American Indian Communities

Dr. Laura Larsson's project   One Community in Health has a cadre of partners making these screening a possibility.  Smiles Across Montana is providing pediatric dental service. The Otto Bremer Trust, Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation, AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana have all provided support, in the form of grants, for the implementation and expansion of the project. 

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Caring for Our Own Program

Student support program for AI/AN students pursuing their nursing degree at MSU 

The Caring for Our Own Program has a dedicated network of partners to support its mission.  In addition to dedicated staff in the College of Nursing the program works closely with all of MSU's Native American Resource's on campus to support AI/AN students. The program also has close ties with Montana's Tribal Colleges to help student transition to MSU.  Dr. Laura Larsson is the Director of this program.

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Rural Ready Nurse Practitioner

A scholars program that trains DNP graduate students how to provide primary healthcare in rural and underserved communities

This Nurse Practitioner scholars program has partnered with Montana ORH and AHEC  to meet the goals and objectives of the project.  In addition, the College of Nursing DNP Preceptors offer students hands-on experience and share expertise unique to providing healthcare in rural Montana. Dr. Stacy Stellflug is the lead for this project.

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Rural Primary Care Nursing

Preparing students for a role in rural primary care after earning their BSN

This College of Nursing supplemental BSN program has partnered with Montana ORH and AHEC   to meet the goals and objectives of the project. A student accepted into the program can works with trained Preceptors in rural healthcare facilities.  The scholars have  access to additional educational resources aimed at rural primary care topics.  Dr. Laura Larsson is the lead of this program.

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Proyecto SALUD

Reducing health disparities for Spanish-speaking individuals in Montana

The Proyecto SALUD team is composed of MSU students, individuals, and organizations dedicated to reducing health disparities for the immigrant population of Montana. Dedicated to the mission of the Proyecto SALUD is  Smiles Across Montana,Gallatin Valley Health Department, Bozeman Health – Healthcare Connections, and MSU's College of Engineering. Dr. Sally Moyce leads this team.

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Healing through Education and Resiliency Training

Improve short- and long-term health outcomes for elementary children on a Montana Indian Reservation

The HEART project, lead by Dr. Julie Ruff, and a Montana Indian Reservation work closely together on this project project.  

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Describing Health and Resilience of Seniors

Capturing the stories of seniors living in a retirement community during the pandemic

Dr. Alice Running in partnership with the MSU School of Film & Photography and MFA student Olivia Andrus (Genesis Productions LLC) are creating the film.

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American Indian Community Hospice Project

Reducing disparities in hospice use on a Montana American Indian Reservation

Dr. Yoshi Colclough  has a long-established team of partners on an American Indian Reservation working to increase the rates at which members of the Nation seek and use hospice care.  

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Developing Medical Equipment

Building and patenting an invention

Dr. Alice Running and Ms .Rexanne Wieferich have both partnered with MSU's College of Engineering to develop medial equipment for use in both the educational and clinical setting.