Prerequisite Courses

Below is a list of the required prerequisite courses for both the Traditional BSN and Accelerated BSN programs. These courses need to be completed prior to the beginning of the nursing curriculum. Refer to our Traditional Application Page and Accelerated Application Page for specific application requirements. Accelerated nursing applicants and Traditional applicants who already possess a bachelor’s degree in a field other than nursing do not have to complete the WRIT 101 requirement listed below. 

  • BIOH 201- Anatomy and Physiology I with a lab 
  • BIOH 211- Anatomy and Physiology II with a lab 
  • BIOM 250/251- Microbiology for Health Sciences with a lab 
  • CHMY 121IN/122IN- Introduction to General Chemistry with a lab 
  • CHMY 123/124- Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry Principles with a lab 
  • COMX 111US- Introduction to Public Speaking
  • HDFS 101IS-Individual and Family Development & Well-Being –Across the Lifespan - OR - PSYX 230 Developmental Psychology 
  • M 121Q- College Algebra
  • NRSG 116- Introduction to Professional Nursing (can be taken in the first semester of upper-division coursework)
  • NUTR 221CS- Human Nutrition
  • PSYX 100IS- Introduction to Psychology - OR - SOCI 101IS- Introduction to Sociology  
  • STAT 216Q- Introduction to Statistics
  • WRIT 101W– College Writing I *Not required for students who already have a bachelor’s degree
  • WRIT 201- College Writing II

Additional Prerequisite Requirements

The following prerequisite requirements must be met prior to applying to the nursing program.

  1. You must have a calculated GPA of 3.0 or higher in prerequisite courses
  2. You must be on track to complete all prerequisites prior to placement start date, with a grade of C- or better (prerequisites must have been completed within the last 15 years). In addition, you may have no more than two retakes of prerequisite coursework (a grade of “W” counts as a repeat). If you are interested in appealing this policy, please contact an advisor.
  3. You must complete at least 3 of the 5 required natural science courses with a grade of C- or better to apply to the nursing program. Those courses are: BIOH 201**, BIOH 211, BIOM 250 (with lab), CHMY 121 (with lab) and CHMY 123 (with lab). 
          **BIOH 201 (Anatomy and Physiology I) MUST be one of the three completed science courses in order to apply.