Students hanging out near the Diversity and Inclusion Student Commons booth during Catapalooza.

Transferring to a new university can provide a multitude of new challenges for your student. From working on transferring, finding out course equivalencies, and being in a new town with a different community.

Here are a few links that could be helpful to you and your student while going through this transition:

Admissions: The MSU Office of Admissions is the best place to start with how to apply to MSU, along with a list of friendly staff to reach out to.

Scholarships: Did you know that students can apply for scholarships within their department every year? Encourage your student to check out scholarship opportunities in their department.

Engagement: As your student becomes acclimated to MSU, finding friends and community through extracurriculars becomes even more important. Encourage your student to join a club if they haven’t already.

Off Campus Living Guide: Moving off campus can be a lot of work. Using the Off Campus Living Resource Guide can help! This guide is full of helpful tips and tricks that are available for students, parents and families to use.