Below is our collection of archived Enews for parents and families who might have missed one. 

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Fall 2022 Series

August 11th- From MSU’s Dean of Students 

August 16th- An Army of Volunteers for Move-In Weekend 

August 23rd- The Old Steam Whistle Signaling the First Day of Classes 

September 1st- Approaching Deadlines and Rockin’ the M

September 15th-A Distinct Period in a Young Person's Life

September 27th- Parent & Family Weekend and So Much More

October 4th- Code of Student Conduct and Due Process

Spring 2022 Series

January 12th- On the cusp of a new semester. Is your student registered?

January 25th-Has your student made plans for spring break?

February 2nd-The Controlled Substances Act and MSU

February 10th- A New Resource Supporting Student Well-Being

Febuary 24th - MSU Giving Day success!

March 10th- Spring Break Vacation Safety Tips

March 22nd- MSU Students have Unparalled Access to Research Opportunites  

April 5th- Summer Session: a variety of immersive course formats

April 14th- Registrar’s last deadline of the term

April 26th- Encouraging waste diversion/reuse for students on the move

May 5th- Congratulations and Appreciation

May 10th- Hire-A-Bobcat, Come Work With Us 


Fall 2021 Series

July 20th- Fall 2021 Final Week schedule information

August 12th- From MSU’s Dean of Students

August 17th- Move-In logistics, exploring Bozeman and more!

August 24th- Ready, set, go!

September 2nd- Approaching deadlines for adding and dropping courses

September 16th- The legal relationship shift between the student and their college

September 28th- Authors of “The Upswing” presenting at Parent and Family Weekend

October 5th- It's Homecoming Week at MSU!! 

October 14th- Coaches for all students: financial and career education

October 26th- MSU’s annual Snow and Avalanche Workshop 

November 9th- “W” grade, Dropping a class and Advisors

November 16th-Bobcat Code of a Champion

November 30th-Let's Talk About It

December 7th-Planning for Housing Next Year

December 14th- Forging Ahead Toward a Degree

Spring 2021 Series 

January 5th- Registration for the new term, COVID-19 Protocols

January 12th- MSU Debut Opportunities, asymptomatic testing

January 21st- Registration deadlines, Off Campus Living Webinar

February 4th- Asymptomatic testing, marijuana laws, Outdoor Recreation Programs

February 18th- Off-campus living resource fair, Awards of Excellence

March 2nd- Priority registration, Bobcat 4x4, Graduation Fair

March 16th- Undergraduate Research, Spring Commencement, concealed carry information

March 30th- Priority registration, Virtual Bobcat Student Days

April 13th- MSU CARE Program, CPS Resources, House Bill 102 information 

April 20th- MSU Summer Edge, information for students moving out of Bozeman

April 27th- End of Spring Semester, Together Again; In person classes for Fall 2021

Fall 2020 Series 

August 4th- Welcome back, MSU Roadmap Fall 2020

August 6th- Fall Move-In Day, face covering protocols

August 11th- FERPA, family support

August 13th- Student Code of Conduct

August 18th- Student Engagement Opportunities

August 27th- Registration deadlines and course modalities

September 1st- MSU Alerts, Labor Day safety

September 10th- Gallatin County COVID-19 updates, Suicide Prevention Month & CPS Services

September 22nd- Voter registration information

September 29th- Academic support services

October 13th- Winter activity safety, Spring Semester registration

October 22nd- Snowmester information, FAFSA applications

October 27th- Halloween safety, COVID-19 updates, withdrawal deadlines

November 2nd- Election Day information

November 10th- Preparing for Finals Week

November 19th- End of Fall Semester

Spring 2020 Series

January 9th- Returning from winter break

January 14th- MSU SpringBreaksAway trips, MSU Alerts

February 6th- Off-Campus Living Resource Fair information

February 11th- Winter safety precautions, MSU Giving Day

February 20th- MSU Safe Cats app

February 25th- Campus technologies

March 5th- COVID-19

March 10th- Graduation information, end of semester travel

March 13th- COVID-19 on-line transition

March 16th- COVID-19 on-line transition

March 27th- Montana Governor's COVID-19 stay at home directive

April 1st- Student support services and academic advising

April 7th- Virtual commencement, residence hall information

April 14th- Pass/fail grading information, academic support services for Finals Week

April 21st- ASMSU General election results, Student Wellness Center progress

April 29th- Counseling and Psychological Services

May 5th- End of semester, COVID-19 updates

May 15th- Fall 2020 calendar changes

Fall 2019 Series

August 6th- Welcome to Montana State  
August 12th- Fall 2019 Convocation  
August 18th- Move-in day, MSU Debut welcome events  
August 27th- First week of classes, SafeCats app  
September 3rd- Fall Registration schedule, academic advising  
September 12th- Counseling and Psychological Services, academic success resources  
September 24th- Study Abroad Fair, In Loco Parentis  
October 8th- Homecoming week, Sophomore Surge program  
October 15th- Annual Security Report, FAFSA Deadline, Grad Fair  
October 24th- Priority registration for Spring 2020  
November 5th- Winter Wellness Fair and Cat $cholarships  
November 12th- Class withdrawal deadlines, Brawl of the Wild  
November 21st- Cat vs. Griz game information  
December 3rd- Final exam preperation and resources  
December 10th- Commencement information  

Spring 2019 Series

January 8th- Welcome back, Spring MSU Debut events  
January 15th- Involvement and Study Abroad Fair, winter safety precautions  
January 24th- MSU BreaksAway information, Spring Parent and Family Weekend  
February 5th- Course learning centers, Spring Job and Internship Fair  
February 20th- Campus academic resources, tax filing resources  
February 26th- Priority registration, Bobcat 4x4  
March 8th- Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center collapse information  
March 12th- Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center collapse updates  
March 13th- Resume and career prep resources, Fitness Center updates  
March 26th- Bobcat 4x4, Off-Campus Living Webinar  
April 4th- Class withdrawal deadlines, final exam schedule  
April 16th- Smarty Cats tutoring  
April 23rd- Residence Life move-out guide  
April 30th- End of the semester information, Commencement  
July 12th- Fitness center updates, Residence Life Webinar  

Fall 2018 Series

August 9th- Welcome to the MSU Community
August 14th- Fall 2018 Convocation
August 16th- Move-In Day Info and Webinar
August 21st- MSU Debut opportunities
August 29th- First week of classes, Gold Rush game information
September 5th- Academic campus resources, Parent and Family Weekend info
September 12th- Counseling and Psychological Services information
September 19th- Annual Security and Fire Safety Report
October 2nd- Homecoming week activities and information
October 16th- Major Madness event, MSU Alert program
October 25th- Halloween Safety, Spring registration information
November 5th- Voting registration and information
November 13th- Can the Griz, winter weather information
November 27th- Finals week tips, De-Stress events