Below is our collection of archived Enews for parents and families who might have missed one. 

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Fall 2019 Series

August 6th  
August 12th  
August 18th  
August 27th  
September 3rd  
September 12th  
September 24th  
October 8th  
October 15th  
October 24th  
November 5th  
November 12th  
November 21st  
December 3rd  
December 10th  

Spring 2019 Series

January 8th  
January 15th  
January 24th  
February 5th  
February 20th  
February 26th  
March 8th  
March 12th  
March 13th  
March 26th  
April 4th  
April 16th  
April 23rd  
April 30th  
July 12th  

Fall 2018 Series

August 9th Series Introduction with Dean of Students, Matt Caires
August 14th Overview of MSU Debut events with Convocation with Michael Sandel, Harvard professor and best-selling author with Dean of Students, Matt Caires
August 16th Move-In Day information and tips with Dean of Students, Matt Caires
August 21st Online resources for parents and families and MSU Debut Activities with Dean of Students, Matt Caires
August 29th Classes have started! Overview of the week with Dean of Students, Matt Caires
September 5th An over view of the Math Learning Center and Writing Center by our Assistant Dean of Students, Erin Macdonald Peck. P.S. Parent and Family weekend is coming!
September 12th National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month started in September. An overview of the Counseling and Psychological Services and Mental Health First Aid by Dean of Students, Matt Caires
September 19th Campus Safety withDean of Students, Matt Caires
October 2nd First snow of the year and an overview of the homecoming events with Dean of Students, Matt Caires

October 16th

Dean Caires discussed the Major Madness Montana State University has to offer and releases our 2018 Annual Security and Fire Safety report. 
October 25th Registration has opened for classes in the spring of 2019 and Halloween has come to campus!
November 5th Dean Caires discussed the importance of voting and the ASMSU programs to promote voting among students. 
November 13th The Cat-Griz philanthropy, Can The Griz, began and many eager students started checking the weather report for snow days at Bridger Bowl. 
November 27th Final exams can be stressful, but Dean Caires has tips for student to manage their stress during final exams.