Below is our collection of archived Enews for parents and families who might have missed one. 

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Spring 2020 Series

January 9th

January 14th

February 6th

February 11th

February 20th

February 25th

March 5th

March 10th

March 13th

March 16th

March 27th

April 1st

April 7th

April 14th

April 21st

April 29th

May 5th

May 15th

Fall 2019 Series

August 6th  
August 12th  
August 18th  
August 27th  
September 3rd  
September 12th  
September 24th  
October 8th  
October 15th  
October 24th  
November 5th  
November 12th  
November 21st  
December 3rd  
December 10th  

Spring 2019 Series

January 8th  
January 15th  
January 24th  
February 5th  
February 20th  
February 26th  
March 8th  
March 12th  
March 13th  
March 26th  
April 4th  
April 16th  
April 23rd  
April 30th  
July 12th  

Fall 2018 Series

August 9th
August 14th
August 16th
August 21st
August 29th
September 5th
September 12th
September 19th
October 2nd

October 16th

October 25th
November 5th
November 13th
November 27th