Dear Bobcat parent and family members,coronavirus information

This special edition message is part of Montana State University’s ongoing effort to provide timely information to the emerging concerns related to novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Montana State University will be transitioning to on-line and remote course delivery as of Monday, March 23, under the direction of the Montana Commissioner of Higher Education. The Spring semester 2020 is continuing. That said, the vast majority of our coursework across the system will be delivered on-line and remotely. This means everything from courses through a web portal, to assignments made via email, to even the
possibility of conference calls or skype-like sessions for smaller courses.

There will be exceptions -- courses that require equipment, clinical work, or software that is only available on campus -- but we will move to remote delivery in every instance possible. Faculty will work with their department heads, deans and chief academic officers to determine allowable exceptions to remote delivery on a case-by-case basis. During this time, your student must check their official university email account frequently for communications from their instructors and campus administrations about the move to remote delivery.

If your student currently lives in the residence halls and wishes to return back to the residence halls after spring break, they will be allowed -- but not required -- to do so as normal. Residence and dining facilities as well as computer labs, the health clinic and other student services will continue to operate normally, however, students will be delivered their courses on-line and remotely. The university is keeping the residence and dining facilities open understanding that for many students this is one of their few options.

The exception to this is if a student travels to a Level 3, high-risk country as designated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with a recommended 14-day self-quarantine (scroll down on the linked CDC page for a description of self-quarantine). In those cases, the university is strenuously urging students traveling from such areas to not return to campus until they have completed their 14-day quarantine, and to please stay with friends and family for that period of time. The university has no facilities available to put students in 14-day quarantine. Staying with friends and family is the best place to receive support, should a student need it.

We are getting many questions asking our advice about student travel within the United States during spring break. As of this writing, there are no domestic travel restrictions or quarantine requirements between states. The latest travel information can be found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website

It is impossible to predict what changes may take place between now and the end of the spring break as a number of states are discussing tighter measures. We urge you and your student to keep current with the news and the CDC’s website.

In the -- hopefully -- unlikely event your student becomes stuck in a state because of a travel restriction (none are currently in place), or requires a 14-day self-quarantine, the university will work with them so they can continue their course work. Please see our March 10 “Protocols for student class absences” on our Archive of COVID-19 Communications page.

On a personal note I want to share a reflection as I complete week two as Acting Dean of Students. I cannot overstate how impressed I am by the students, parents, faculty and staff of our MSU community.

This is a challenging time in uncharted waters for all of us. The thoughtfulness and respect with which people interact with one another, even as tensions and emotions run high, can be point of pride for all of us.

Thank you for your role as an active member of our community. Together we will be stronger as a result of these challenges. Thank you for the opportunity you have given to engage with all of you in my expanded role.

Finally, as the remote learning situation evolves, we will communicate updates to students via email and through our MSU COVID-19 webpage.


Tony Campeau
Registrar & Acting Dean of Students

Bobcat Parent & Family Program
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