Continue Your Education, Support Your Student

We understand that the process of selecting an institution and supporting a student through college is a daunting task. Often, we get asked by parents and family members of our Bobcats, "How can I best support my student?" The best answer is to be an educated source of support.

The Bobcat Parent & Family Program is here to support you in this important role. Not only do we offer specific one-on-one support through our email and our hotline (406-994-7359), but we also provide webinars as an opportunity to further understand collegiate challenges and strong family support so that your student may develop into a professional, independent, and well-rounded graduate!

Webinars are live, online programs with both video and audio elements. The webinars are free. You will not need to buy any additional software, although a free download or two may be required to make sure your computer is up-to-date.

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Off-Campus Living 101

Recorded January 26th, 2022 at 6pm MST


The Bobcat Parent & Family Program has partnered with MSU Residence Life, Peak Property Management, and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices to provide parents and families with a webinar focused on moving off-campus.  The purpose of this webinar is to discuss the pros and cons of moving off-campus and to identify important aspects of moving into Bozeman's neighborhoods.  This webinar will also help to explain more about MSU's resources for making the successful transition to off-campus living. Expand to view in full screen mode for best quality. 


Search Strategy slide discussed by Kevin O'Brien:

Living in Bozeman (per Peak Property Management)

1. Identify Sources
a. Craigslist
b. PM company websites
c. Friends...many of our properties change hands internally
i. Roommates switch paperwork
ii. Assuming responsibility for condition of property
2. Get pre-approved
a. Everyone will have application fees, can be expensive
b. Be sure that your references are aware and are prepared to answer our questions
c. References for employment, rental history
d. Credit will be checked through Trans Union
e. Have cosigner identified, if needed (no rental history, no employment)
i. Have cosigner complete application, just in case.
ii. Application fee for cosigner also, PPM will refund if not needed
3. Set schedule for checking sources
a. Some places will provide notification emails
4. Have a designated viewer
a. If you won’t be in town, identify someone who can view property on your behalf
b. Do not rent something sight unseen
5. Be sure all roommates are available to sign lease
a. May be remotely
b. Need to have security deposit (cashiers check or money order)
c. Need to have rent or pro-rated rent
6. Property maintenance if you are out of town


You can find ot more about those resources at our website: 

Please contact us to request a copy of the PowerPoint



Summer 2021 Residence Life /Move-in Day Webinar

Recorded June 24th, 2021 at 6pm MST 


Please contact us to request a copy of the PowerPoint



Registration for the Live Off-campus Living Webinar

A few times a year we host live webinars to help parents understand current topics facing their student in Bozeman. For many students, one of the most stressful things they will deal with this spring is finding housing for next year.