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Dear Bobcat parent and family members,

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful spring break, even if your student didn't make it back home to you. Campus was extremely quiet during the break, with unseasonably high temps and the snow melting before our eyes. We sometimes refer to spring break as the "calm before the storm," knowing that the upcoming six weeks of the academic year are incredibly busy.  

The arrival of spring also coincides with a variety of events to celebrate undergraduate research and creative activity. In 2022, MSU was once again classified as an R1 university for its very high research activity according to the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. Only 146 institutions in the nation received R1 classifications. Among them, MSU and Utah State University are the only two that also have an enrollment profile of "very high undergraduate." This means that undergraduate students at MSU have unparalleled access to research opportunities. Our students are able to participate in research projects that would only be available to graduate students at other institutions.

The MSU Student Research Celebration is scheduled for Thursday, May 5. The Undergraduate Scholar's Program sponsors the event and invites students from all academic disciplines to present their research and creative projects to the MSU community. For students not yet engaged in a project, the event is a great way to learn through their peers about the variety of research activities they could pursue. It's an excellent opportunity for them to gain experience with public speaking, delivering presentations and articulating scholarly activities.

Many departments also hold research celebrations or colloquiums. You might ask your student if the department affiliated with their major hosts one of these events and encourage them to attend and participate. 

Speaking of scholarly activities, summer and fall course registration is right around the corner for continuing students. Priority registration begins March 28 and follows the Summer/Fall 2022 Registration Timetable. All current students may take advantage of priority registration, allowing them to select courses before new or transfer students may register.

The goal is for current students to be registered for summer and fall courses by April 13, when open registration begins. Students are more likely to get the classes they need and a schedule they want by registering during priority registration.

Before registering for summer or fall classes, though, all students must meet with their academic advisor. Your student can quickly look up the name of their academic advisor through their MyInfo account. Students who are considering a change of major and students who have general advising questions can call the Academic Advising Center at 406-994-3532 for additional information and help.

Finally, many of you are probably starting to think about your student's return home at the end of the spring semester. If your student will be flying home, be sure to ask them to find out the specific timing of each of their finals before you purchase plane flights. Professors will not reschedule final exams for a student to catch a flight home. More information is posted on the Registrar's webpage devoted to 2022 Spring Semester Exams and Finals Schedules.  

 Spring is in the air!   

Matthew R. Caires
Dean of Students

P.S. For parents and families in the Twin Cities area, I'm headed your way next month. Join me Tuesday evening, April 19, for an informal meet and greet.