Dear Bobcat Parent and Family Members,

Welcome to all our new and returning parents to Montana State University! You are receiving this email from me today because you are connected to a currently enrolled MSU student. It's a pleasure to welcome you into our academic community.

For those of you who didn't meet me at an orientation session, my name is Matthew (Matt) Caires, and I serve as the Dean of Students at MSU. I have held this position for the past eight years, and as Dean of Students, it is my job to help create a safe, healthy and engaging student life experience on our campus for your student. 

At Montana State University, we believe parents and family members are our partners in student success. I will be sending email updates throughout the academic year about campus activities, resources and upcoming deadlines. We also distribute this same information to students but through a variety of different channels. As we begin the fall semester, I will send messages once or twice a week but as we settle into the academic year, the frequency will taper off.

Now, before the term begins and for those of you who are utilizing financial aid, my colleague, James Broscheit, Director of Financial Aid Services, has asked me to encourage you to check in with his office if you haven't already. We understand negotiating the investment in college can be financially challenging, and he and his staff of advisors are there to help you and your student understand your options and make sure there are no surprises. Call the office at (406) 994-2845 or email: [email protected].

To those parents and family members who have a returning student, I trust you've had a great summer and have had time to reconnect with your son or daughter. For my family, it's been a memorable summer in Bozeman, filled with Montana adventures. Our daughter is now almost two years old, and she's running around the backyard every day full of wonder. So far, it's been an incredible journey watching her learn and grow.  

As always, we are here to support you and your student. If we can offer any guidance, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or call (406) 994-2826. Also, please see all our programs and services at

Kind regards,

Matthew R. Caires

Dean of Students

P.S. If you missed the residence life webinar last month, it's available online to watch on demand. And I'm sharing this NY Times article again this semester. The author offers informed ideas about supporting teenagers through their transition to adulthood. 

Bobcat Parent & Family Program
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