Step #1: Find out what chemicals are in your school

  • Conduct an inventory in every room (custodial closets, science, art, vo-tech classroom, maintenance sheds, etc.)
  • Record the chemical name, number of containers, container size and type, and the physical state of the chemical (good/fair/poor)
  • Keep your inventory on file, away from where substances are stored

Step #2: Store chemicals properly

  • Keep chemicals in their original containers with labels
  • Deteriorating or leaking containers area a hazard
  • Alphabetical order is NOT the best way to store your homework!
  • Incompatible chemicals cannot be stored together
  • Sort, store, and secure chemicals in approved containers

Step #3: Clean out the Chemicals

  • Conduct the clean out when students are not present
  • Use a hazardous waste disposal company to remove toxic chemicals

Step #4: Develop a chemical purchasing policy

  • Purchase only what is needed for the current year
  • Micro-scale all science experiments
  • Hazardous chemicals should be avoided


Created by Montana State University Extension Housing and Environmental Health Program

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