Authorized Organizational Representative

Sandy Sward
Associate Vice President of Research Administration


Office of Sponsored Programs
Montana State University
328 Montana Hall
PO Box 172470
Bozeman, MT  59717-2470


Frequently Used Identification Numbers and Classifications

MSU Tax/Employer ID Number (TIN/EIN)
Unique Entity Identifier (UEI)*
SIC Code
Agency ID/Business Unit#
Congressional District
AL or 1
Congressional District for
Cage Code
MSU Land Grant Status
MT Land Grant (Morrill Act)
IPF Code


*Federal agencies are replacing the DUNS # with a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI). An update is available on the GSA website:


Effective 6/01/2022

Type Rate
Research-Federal 45%
Private- Industry-sponsored 54.73%
Other Institutional Activities 35.5%
Off-campus 26%
Off-campus Other 26%
CESU (MTDC) 17.5%
National Park Service, including YNP 17.5%
USGS - MT Co-op Fisheries 15%
State Agencies 25% of total direct costs*

*unless federal pass-through, then full federal rate applies

Under the Uniform Guidance, the federally negotiated F&A rate for subcontractors must be honored. 10% de minimis rate is allowed for entities without a federally negotiated rate agreement. MSU's negotiated F&A rate must be accepted by all agencies unless restricted by statute, program or regulation. Refer to solicitation (RFP, RFQ, RFA, or BAA)

Modified Total Direct Costs (MTDC) Base

MSU's Modified Total Direct Costs can be calculated by deducting the following items from the total direct costs:

  • Individual equipment items exceeding $5,000
  • Capital Expenditures including leases
  • Subcontract expeneditures exceeding $25,000
  • Student tuition remission (awards)
  • Participant support costs

Federal Maximums



Effective Date
(MM/YY or
NSF Maximum daily consulting rate $634 01/14
NIH Maximum annual salary $203,700 01/22
EPA Maximum hourly rate $74.50 05/31/11

Date of IDC (F&A) Rate Agreement 06/01/22

Cognizant Agency

DHHS, Jeanette Lu, 90 7th Street, Suite 4-600, San Francisco, CA 94103

Phone: 415-437-7820

E-mail: [email protected]

Dates of Assurances of Compliance

Rehabilitation Act 09/02/77
Title VI, Civil Rights 06/06/65
Title IX, Sex Discrimination 07/21/76
FIPS State Code 30


MSU Federal-wide Assurance Numbers

Human Subjects 00000165,   IRB #00000799
Animal Welfare Assurance # D16-00379 AAALAC Accredited (good through 12/31/23)
FICE Code 002532
SAM Registration 3/6/02, expires 03/06/24
USDA Registration Number 81-R-0002

Employee Benefit Estimates

Category Rate
Faculty & Professional 37.0%
Classified 50.0%
Post-docs 38.0%
Students when registered full-time 1.0%
Hourly (students part-time) 9.0%
OSP Term Pool 3.0%
OSP Benefit Leave Pool 10.0%

Student Benefit Estimates

Category Rate
Grad, 6 credits or more 1.0%
Undergrad, 6 credits or more 1.0%
Part-time, less than 6 credits 9.0%

Benefit estimates are for budgeting purposes. Actual benefit percent varies with each employee. Employees at less than 1.0 FTE will be higher than stated. Contact OSP for additional information.

Human Resources has a Benefits Calculator here:

Lodging Allowances, Mileage Rates & Meal Per Diems

Please see "Travel Recap Information" on the UBS Forms page.

Actual costs allowed for lodging in high-cost cities and foreign travel rates are available on the web at (will open in a new window)

International Travel Compliance