Roskie Hall sits on the banks of Roskie Creek, a stone's throw away from the MSU Intramural fields, and just 15 minutes from Hyalite National Forest. Traditionally, Roskie Hall forms one of the closest hall communities on campus and is often recognized for its quality hall wide events. Roskie is an upbeat community for the serious student who also enjoys meeting people and living college life to the fullest.

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Special Living Options:

  • Male and female Sophomore and Above floors
  • All male floors
  • All female floor


  • Game room
  • Kitchen
  • Floor study lounges
  • Laundry rooms on each floor
  • Piano in the main lobby
  • Ski wax room
  • Weapon storage
  • Free cable TV
  • Direct and wireless internet access
  • Large main floor lounge with big screen TV

Roskie Hall Residence Hall Association (RHA):

Roskie RHA offers the annual Roskie Run, a 5K community race; Roskie Super Bowl Party; Halloween trick-or-treating for local elementary schools; weekly coffee houses; and many other events to keep students involved and active.

Student Mailing Address:

Student Name
200 Roskie Hall, Room ____
Bozeman, MT 59715-5080

Roskie Hall Front Desk:


Room Options:

  • Double (with roommate)
  • Single (limited availability)
  • Double-as-single (limited availability) *Double-as-Single rooms are not available before the upcoming academic term. This option is awarded during the current semester based on occupancy.
  • Deluxe single (Sophomore and Above)

Double Room Panoramic

2018-2019 Room and Board Rates (per semester)

Double Room

Single Room

Small Single Room (Soph and Above)

Large Single Room (Soph and Above)

 With Bobcat Anytime Gold - $5,003  With Bobcat Anytime Gold - $5,244 With Bobcat Anytime Gold - $5,701  With Bobcat Anytime Gold - $5,748
 With Bobcat Anytime Silver - $4,853  With Bobcat Anytime Silver - $5,094 With Bobcat Anytime Silver - $5,551  With Bobcat Anytime Silver - $5,598
 With Bobcat Anytime Copper - $4,850  With Bobcat Anytime Copper - $5,084 With Bobcat Anytime Copper - $5,547  With Bobcat Anytime Copper - $5,590
 With Bobcat Anytime Bronze - $4,700  With Bobcat Anytime Bronze - $4,934 With Bobcat Anytime Bronze - $5,397  With Bobcat Anytime Bronze - $5,440

*All Room and Board Rates are available on the Room & Board Rate PageIn addition to these charges, a Residence Hall Association (RHA) program fee of $15 is assessed each semester.

**On-Campus Student Meal Plan options are available on the Meal Plan page

Resident Director

Caitlin Engen

Caitlin Engen

Resident Director
Office Phone: 994-3581

Originally from Great Falls, Montana, Caitlin graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Community Health and minor in Human Development and Family Science. She was a Resident Advisor (RA) at MSU for three years, later becoming a Summer Resident Director. Caitlin is most excited about the high energy and social atmosphere in Roskie!

In her spare time, Caitlin enjoys visiting local coffee shops, traveling, and spending time with friends.














Hall Staff

Roskie Hall Staff 


Name Major Hometown
Evan Telford  Exercise Science Sun Valley, ID
Shelby Philipps Computer Science Great Falls, MT
 Kaleb Chambers Industrial Engineering Lake City, CO
Caitlin Engen Resident Director Great Falls, MT
Taylor Martin Mechanical Engineering Belgrade, MT
Clayton Ehlers Music Education Waukesha, WI
Jon Jacobs Science Education Whitefish, MT
Raina Madrid Community Health Aurora, CO
Logan Nesbitt Mechanical Engineering Commerce, MI
Kyla Olstad Nursing Hot Springs, SD
Avery Wisler Mechanical Engineering Seattle, WA



exterior image Roskie Hall and front entranceRoskie student doing homework in their room with movie posters decorating the wallFurnished and decorated room in Roskie Hall with photos and posters decorating the wall and lavender curtains in the windowdark and colorfully lit room in Roskie Hall with the front door open leading into the shared pod areatwo roskie residents sitting in their furnished room with photos and posters decorating the wallfully furnished and decorated roskie room with bulletin board and photos on the wallfully furnished and decorated roskie room with lofted bed, television, mini fridgefully furnished and decorated roskie room with small a fish tank and posters on the walla roskie resident and their guest socializing in a fully furnished and decorated roomRoskie resident studying at their desk in their roskie single roomroskie pod common area with open doors that lead to individual roomsroskie resident on their lofted bed and their guest sitting on a chair talkingroskie game pod with billiard table and residents playing foosballroskie residents playing ping pong and foosballroskie typical room floor plan

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