RET from participants' perspective

"Nine months post-RET and it still impacts my daily teaching!"

"This program was still the best service program I have participated. Not sure I will ever get such an enriching continuing education program again."

"The RET program had given me a good positive and refreshed boost that I very much needed to enter back into the classroom this school year.  I really enjoyed the positive camaraderie of all participants and the knowledge that each had to share. I learned a lot from everyone and am glad that I had taken that step in applying for the program."

"This was such a wonderful program/experience and I am here to help in any way possible to support the success of future years!"


2022 participants said you will gain:

  • a network
  • mentorships
  • friendships
  • opportunities
  • meaningful partnerships
  • a family

And they called the program

  • a game changer
  • mind-blowing
  • more than I could have asked for

"I came out stronger than when I came in."

Lee Vandall is a teacher in Culberson, Montana

Kalani Madrona is a pre-service teacher at MSU

Allison Delaney is a pre-service teacher at MSU

Publicity flyer (2023)

This flyer can be printed and posted at your school to help spread the word!

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