Regardless of your experience, the Residence Hall Association has something for everyone. Whether you were involved with student government in high school, team sports, speech & debate, or nothing in particular, RHA welcomes anyone interested in providing a fun and exciting environment for your fellow residents. 

Residence Hall Association Executive Board

Montana State University's RHA is composed of every student residing in campus residence halls. Made up of ten Hall Councils and a service & recognition organization, the RHA Executive Board represents all residents and advocate for them to University departments and other organizations. The Executive Board strives to provide support and oversight to individual Hall Councils while also providing fun and engaging activities for students.

Interested in applying for a position on the RHA Executive Board? Check back in July for the application when it reopens for next year! We will be looking for a Chief Administrator, National Communications Coordinator, and all three of the Director positions!

For a break down of all positions, check out our position descriptions or Document Link . 


Hall Council Member

Each residence hall is represented by a group of student leaders called a Hall Council. While all residents of the building are a member, a small team of students help to provide fun events, hall improvements, and represent the needs of those residents to RHA and Residence Life.  Interest will be solicited at the beginning of each semester. See a ResLife staff member for more information!

Additional information will be shared soon through the RHA CatsConnect page (link on the left sidebar). Your Resident Advisor will also have more information when you arrive!


National Residence Hall Honorary

NRHH is an honor society closely aligned with RHA. The Big Sky Chapter of NRHH is one of many chapters from across the country. Made up of residents who are looking to recognize the amazing work MSU does and give back to the community, NRHH is an exciting organization for students looking to be involved in an honor society and gain additional experiences.

Check out the NRHH page for more information on how to get involved!  


Other Opportunities

Conference Attendance 

Every year, residents are eligible to attend one of the two conferences that RHA takes part in. Our regional conference, typically held in the first half of November, allows delegates to learn exciting ideas and meet people from over 25 schools in our Intermountain region. The annual national conference, NACURH, occurs in late May or June with over 3000 students from across the country and world in attendance. All expenses are covered by RHA.


RHA Student Excellence Scholarship

RHA sponsors an opportunity that awards three scholarships to students who have displayed excellence in Leadership, Service, or Engagement since coming to MSU. Some restrictions apply, but any resident is welcome to apply.


Community Representative

Similar to a Hall Council member, Community Reps are individuals that work closely with their RA to represent the accomplishments of their floor, suite, apartment, or Quad community as well as working to address any challenges. They also assist in the creation of community standards, called a Community Living Agreement. They meet regularly with the Hall President and are even encouraged to attend Hall Council meetings to share their experiences.

See your RA for more information and get involved!