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If you are interested in MSU Rodeo and would like to contribute to the success of the program, we encourage you to become a member of the "Chute Boss Club." Call the office at 994-2403 or email [email protected] for more information.

Purpose of the Chute Boss Club

A booster club format to raise money and give financial support to the MSU Rodeo Program

Chute Boss Club 

The Chute Boss Club was established for the sole purpose of enhancing the Montana State University Rodeo Program through the use of funds contributed annually to the Chute Boss Club by its members. Donations will be 100% tax deductible each year. Each member of the Chute Boss Club will be entitled to special and exclusive contact and communication with the Head Coach of the MSU Rodeo Team, Andy Bolich, and other aspects of the MSU Rodeo Program. Members will be updated on financial areas that are being supported with Chute Boss Club funds as well as receiving a quarterly newsletter. Our donors will be honored guests at our Cowboys & Candlelight banquet and annual MSU spring rodeo.

$1000 per year
$750 per year
$500 per year 

Where Your Contribution is Used: 

- Provide scholarships for MSU Rodeo athletes
- Assist in paying for books and fees for college
- Help cover rent for the practice arena
- Aide in the funds necessary to recruit the best possible athletes for our program
- Pay for practice cattle leases

Meet Our Wonderful Group of Supporters in the Chute Boss Club:

Jesse Armitage & Diane Wyn

Gregg & Lynn Bervy

Butch & Shannon Bratsky

Bob & Kathy Brekke

Little Bear Construction - Tyler & Shawna Brenner

Hank & Elizabeth Brewer

Mike & Lisa Browning

Jake & Jane Callentine

Gary & Coralie Carter

Gary & Joan Cook

Beverly Crowley

Donovan & Heather Currey

Steve & Lisanne Currin

D & D Trucking & Construction Co.

Jason & Christy Delamarter

D&R Coffee Service - Scott & Teresa LeProwse

Jay & Becky Faulkner

Dean & Hope Folkvord

Shawn & Molly Fossum

Gary & Grace France

Free Builders - Ty & Amy Free

Jim & Debbie French

Garrison Big Hole Ranch - Todd & Latresha Garrison

Eugen & Erin Graf

Eugene & Debbi Graf

Tom & Robin Green

Don & Peggy Hart

Gary & Molly Hepper

Tom & Patti Holland

Tyler & Teen Holland

Travis & Julie Hurst

Kelly & Stacey Indergard

Mike Ingram

David & Yvonne Jarrett

Dean & Carrie Johnson

Shawn & Shelly Koenig

Lane Ranch - Tom & Joey Lane

Alex LeGrand

Lone Mountain Sports - Scott Foster

Victor & Shirley Lutes

ARM Grain & Cattle Co. - Austin Malek

Steve Mergenthaler

Mark & Sonya Norem

Mike & Stacey O'Neal

Jerry Pape

Park Hotel Yellowstone - Tami McDonald

Jan & Lynn Perkins

Joel & Esther Peterson

Brent & Patti Powell

R & R Construction - Russ & Lauri Olsen

Katie Rasmussen

Betty Reinke

Steve & Karen Roth

Mark & Mary Salmond

Steve Schertenleib

Steve Segota

SIME Construction - Ron Pike

Sherm & Bonnie Sollid

Steve & Beth Speth

Spring Corporation - Ty Spring

Curt Toft

Union Cattle Co. - Shane & Kim Berquist

Steve & Sandra Wilkerson