Upcoming Dates

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  • Dr. Gary &  Dr. Jacy Cook- All West Veterinary 406-586-4919

Need a Tutor?

Students can either visit http://www.msusmartycats.com and click on the "I WANT a Tutor" button, or stop by their office to fill out a request in person. When school starts, they'll be starting a new function of the tutoring database, where students can sign in and see the schedules of their tutors and sign up for a specific time to meet.  Once you do that, you'll just have to email/call the tutor and set up a place to meet and you'll be good to go. They'll also have drop-in tutoring for several "hard to pass" classes before their exams which will be available either online or in person. All tutoring sessions are now FREE, so don't hesitate to get one!