This page provides you with brief descriptions of the different lessons as well as lesson plan materials.

We base our lesson plans on

with the goal of enabling teachers to deliver classroom lessons that meet educational outcomes across all three frameworks.

We base the programming activities across our lesson plans on Alice 2.5 from Carnegie Mellon University.


How Wild Horses Were Captured (under development)


In this social studies and life science unit, students will learn about how wild horses were captured by an Indigenous tribe. We focus on a story from the Warm Springs tribe outlining the process and discuss the difficulties that American Indian tribes may have encountered while capturing the wild horses. Students will explore the American history of wild horses and current policies in place for the management of wild horses. Next, students will work in a starter world in the Alice program platform where they will modify code in an Alice world to keep horses in a gated corral. 

Wild Horses Alice world screenshot

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We are currently working on developing the lesson plans, which we will be sharing with you very soon!