The following products have been developed as a result of our research.


The following are publications as a result of our research.

Lone Dog´s Winter Count

Windchief, Sweeney and Cummins, Jason"Considering Indigenous Research Methodologies: Bicultural Accountability and the Protection of Community Held Knowledge"Qualitative Inquiry, 2021

Image of Alice IDE Fasy, Brittany Terese and Hancock, Stacey A. and Komlos, Barbara Z. and Kristiansen, Brendan and Micka, Samuel and Theobold, Allison S."Bring the Page to Life: Engaging Rural Students in Computer Science Using Alice"iTiCSE 2020, v.June 20, 202010.1145/3341525.3387367
Stories coming alive in an image

do Amaral, Barbara and Windchief, Sweeney"The Pathway to Achieving Classroom Equity: Computational and Critical Thinking through Storytelling and 3D Models"Educational research, v.30, 2019 More info

Alice logo Fasy, Brittany and Hancock, Stacey and Micka, Sam and Theobold, Allison and Madubuko, Jachike"American Indian Storytelling with Alice"SIGCSE Poster Session, 2018 More info
Stacey Hancock Hancock, Stacey "Meet A Member" column in MAA FOCUS (Newsmagazine of the Mathematical Association of America), Vol. 38, No. 1, February/March 2018, p. 20-21."Focus (Mathematical Association of America. Online), v.38, 2018 More info


The following video informs the public of our research and work.

Storytelling in the News