This page provides you with brief descriptions of our outreach modules. The goal of our outreach events is to introduce computer science concepts and increase interest in computer science among K-12 students. 

We base the programming activities across our lesson plans on Alice 2.5 from Carnegie Mellon University.

Please email us at [email protected] to request modules and Alice starter worlds.

Bring the Page to Life!

In this outreach module, students use Alice to animate a page from a picture book or story. This module introduces the students to computer science, and in particular, to the concept of an algorithm. The module is designed to be open-ended to allow for creativity of the students. In the past, we have used a variety of pages for this activity, ranging from Garfield and Alice and Wonderland cartoons to stories from the Indian Reading Series.  

Hoop & Arrow

In this outreach module, students use Alice to play Hoop and Dart, a game from the Salish tribe that traditionally helped boys to develop the skills necessary for hunting small game. A hoop is tossed to roll quickly across the ground, and the boys try to throw their darts through the hoop's netting. Other tribes, such as the Pend d'Oreille had a similar game. This module introduces students to computer science and, in particular, to the concept of an event. An event in this game is a key press that either starts the hoop rolling or throws the dart.

Make them Dance!

This outreach module begins by reading the story of How Daylight Came to Be, a story from the Skokomish tribe.In the story, Bear and Ant have a dance competition. Students will develop code to animate this dance while also learning about event-driven programming.

The Story of the Seasons

In this outreach module, students guide the activity's leader through the process of animating a world that tells the Story of the Seasons, a story from the Warm Springs tribe. This activity provides students a gentle introduction into some basic computer science concepts while also providing a lesson on storytelling as a part of American Indian heritage in Montana and around the country.