Deadlines for procurement processes using Fiscal Year 2023 funds.  

FY2023 funds may be used as long as the purchase order or contract is executed prior to June 30th. To ensure your procurement can be processed in time, we have established the following deadlines for receipt of your completed purchase requisition:

  •   Procurements that require the Request for Proposal process (criteria other than low cost): Friday, April 7th
  •   Procurements that require the Invitation for Bid process (awarded to low cost alone): Friday, May 12th.
  •   Procurements that do not require a competitive process (i.e. Sole Source, procurement exempt, etc.): Friday, June 2nd.

Remember that although FY2023 purchases will take priority, these deadlines only apply to procurements that must use FY2023 funding.  If you have procurements with FY2024 funding you can continue to submit as normal.

Please indicate clearly on your purchase requisition the funding year, as this will help us ensure prompt processing.